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Will share to you this super cool quote from Lalaine! She visited Autumn Sky for the specials and I just got to share her comment here! Tells me and you her story right?

I’m a 31 year-old single mom and I’ll be seeing these guys perform in Manila next year. Their music just speaks to me and whenever I’m troubled, I just put on my earphones and rock away. I sometimes even daydream of being a part of the band even though I can’t play a guitar, lols! They just make life bearable. Kudos to Taka for the straight up English lyrics. The Japanese had always been great musicians. Taka writing in English has simply brought that greatness even closer to non-Japanese speakers. I only became a fan this year through a certain Japanese movie and I feel like I could stay glued to them forever. ROCK ON, PEACE OUT!!!

Don’t be afraid to tell me and the rest of the world your story about your love about ONE OK ROCK!!!! We’re close to the big day!!!!


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