To ONE OK ROCK, with love from Armenia

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Hallo everyone,

Mei has been very busy for the holidays and it is one of the busiest so far… not that I am complaining considering why I am so busy.

Anyway, for this version of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, we head on to Eurasia – specifically Armenia – as I interview the administrator of ONE OK ROCK’s Armenian fan base Juliette and how she got into the fandom and how ONE OK ROCK changed her life.

Say hello to Juliette!!

Say hello to Juliette!!

I met Juliette through a common friend (Kimberly Gill from the First Wave of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK) and when we got talking, well, you would easily know ONE OK ROCK definitely changed her life. Every word, every sentence, Juliette’s passion and love for this iconic band is evident. Here’s how our little discussion on how it has changed her.


Question 1: When and how did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK?
I was trying to find a song that would suit my mood at that time and accidentally I clicked OOR’s song ‘Be The light’ and I fell in love with the band and Taka’s angelic voice. It was 2 years ago.

Question 2: Favorite song and why?
Smiling down, the song makes me cry every time I hear it. One year ago I was in such a bad condition..I had problems with my I was listening to their songs and once I heard that song I started to cry and I felt better after that. I started to see everything in other way due to them.

Question 3: Merchandise?
Yes, I have shirts. When I wear it, I feel so confident.

Question 4: Favorite band member and why?
Taka Taka Taka Taka hehe I like other members too without Toru.Ryota and Tomoya there wont be OOR.But Taka is so sweet, so crazy, he is so energetic, so full of life

Question 5: Can you say ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
Big YES. I feel more crazier now. hehe I mean I started to live with my own rules. doing the things I really like they do the things they like the most with so much passion. They give me views to life))

Question 6: Lets get down to the specifics, how did you end up being a part of ONE OK ROCK’s Armenia fan group? I believe you are an admin for it yes?
Yeah..I found an Armenian OOR’s page but it was not updated for such a long time so I decided to be an admin there and I wrote to them. They made me an admin, though now, I am the only active admin there now. With that page I am trying to let people from Armenia know who they are, their music and believe me, there are so many people who started to like them. I am so happy for that and I hope one day they will come to my country too. It is one of my biggest dreams. I want to see them live.

Question 7: Haven’t you tried out the lives closest to the country? I believe they are in Europe right now, Russia was their first stop (note: i did the interview when the band was still in Europe)
I was planning to go to Russia. but my parents did not let me to go alone. But one day I will see them. like Naruto says ‘I can and I will. Watch me!’ I am finishing my univ next year. After that I am planning to study abroad.

Question 8: Awww, hope you can watch them next time. Though if they have another Europe tour, will you go?
SURE I will go to see them I could even go to their every concert if I could 🙂

Question 9: Now, last two questions. Any message to your fellow fans and what is your message to ONE OK ROCK?
What I want to say to my fellow friends?? hmm haha,you guys have a good taste in music. even we dont know each other but we have something that unites us: our crazy and talented boys.

and to my boys I want to say ‘ Just keep it up my boys,just be who you are,and believe there are so many people that appreciate your music and your real self, because I believe that in the concerts you cant be fake,you show who you are. Let’s take it someday.Let’s make it someday… I love you sooooooo much.Fighting!!!


Another fan and another story, truly ONE OK ROCK transcends all odds and brings the world closer just like they promised. For my friend Juliette, I know you can watch ONE OK ROCK soon and I pray you continue to spread ONE OK ROCK’s love. To our Armenian friends, keep rocking!

Another fan story will come your way soon!



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