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So ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila is already over but Manila is still out of commission, especially ONE OK ROCK fans who managed to watch the band’s first concert in the country.

Most of them sent their love to me so I can post them online but as some of them had said long stories, I decided to feature them here!

Let’s begin with Ulyrie’s story on how ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila went!!!


Another #lifegoal achieved! Ever since I became a fan of ONE OK ROCK since 2010, it was my dream to attend even just one of their concerts. I even planned to go to Japan just to see them but I never expected that such a famous jrock band will ever visit Philippines! Oh thank you so much 1,000,000x to the people who made this happen!

The event was in Manila and I live in the Visayas region. However, I said to myself, no matter what happens, I had to go even if I have to take a few days leave at work and spend a lot of money for it. Sacrifices must be made! (4th month pay, goodbye and thank you)

Days before the most anticipated moment of my life, I got sick. Yes, during the live I was still under the weather! I had tonsillopharyngitis but did it become a problem? Nope not at all! The wonders and greatness of ONE OK ROCK, especially the stunning band members Taka, Toru, Ryota, and (adorable tomato) Tomoya seem to be a miracle cure as my sickness was forgotten and I was able to mosh so hard and scream so hard in the VIP2 pit. They defeated my antibiotics! Temporarily though since my fever came back with vengeance after the live. I hope they felt my love (and mucus eew) along with all the other fans, enough to make them come back again.

The area I was in was unbelievably near the stage, I was exactly four meters away from Toru! Ogling Toru in such a near vintage point never even crossed my mind but it happened! IT HAPPENED! And I don’t know if it’s just me being biased but the band members keep coming back in the VIP2 area that every single moment my eyes and hypothalamus are filled with only them.

And let me tell you, the band members are shining! The band photos I’ve seen does not even give an iota of justice to how they look like in person not to mention the live was definitely over the top awesome! I was ecstatic that not only songs from 35XXXV was performed but even songs way back in JinseixBoku=, Zankyou Reference, and Niche Syndrome! I get to personally witness my favorites get performed in front of my very eyes that the feels is too much I cannot even take it anymore!

ONE OK ROCK’S music is too good that everyone sang along with Taka all throughout the songs in the band’s setlist. Just goes to show how talented and obviously partial Filipinos are in singing! Every single period from heavy to ballads is breathtaking! Two songs seem to have the highest point of emotion in the live and yes, it was the most talked about “Wherever You Are” when Taka’s high vocal range brilliantly showed and in “Heartache” when Taka let us sing the Japanese part of the song. You can see in his face how delighted he is that the Filipinos know Japanese. Blame it all on the many anime’s we watched, Taka-chan.

After the show, I was in a daze. My tonsils may have felt like falling off but everything was perfect. The heat and exhaustion from waiting in line was worth it. The muscle pain afterwards was tolerable. Until now, I still can’t grasp that I was there. Words can’t explain how amazing the experience was and I think this is already the best moment of my 2016. I don’t think anything can top this.

Few snaps I can share:




Expected this much from ONE OK ROCK and how much impact they have towards the fans? I have to admit even I have chills till now.

ONE OK ROCK: The 2016 35XXXV Asia Tour: Live in Manila was brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star, Inquirer.net, Animax, Otaku Asia Magazine, Primer, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

For more details regarding this event, visit either http://pulpliveworld.com/shows/2016/one-ok-rock



Posting more of these stories in the next coming days!!!


  • M


    That’s my bestfriend!! So happy that you achieved one of your lifelong dreams! ❤ way to go best! My agent no. 1!

    • kythe

      Lol, i congratulate your friend too XDDD

  • Meebo


    teh feels of #TeamMOA and then teh feels of #TeamBAHAY who’s reading posts like this *crey*

    • kythe

      you will be ok Meebo!

      Please also check out the main blog for more feels XD

  • Ventella


    Ouch. I had tonsilopharyngitis in the past it is very painful hope this Ulyrie girl is alright! reading this story makes me so eager now for ONE OK ROCK coming back in CA! Take meee to the tooooop Takaaaa!

    • kythe

      Wow, you will watch them in CA? You might see a friend of mine there!

      I think she is ok :)) though all of us still possess PCD XDD

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