Fans on ONE OK ROCK: Post Concert Experience Part 2

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Seems we’re having tons of people on PCD because of ONE OK ROCK and ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. I have to admit, it would be very hard to recover from that, especially if you saw them in the flesh and saw them perform like in Japan for the live.

Now that some announcements are done… tis very hard to move on.

So, lets hear more stories shall we? This time we got Twitter User @cynical_gal as she narrates her story to yours truly!!!

This is directly taken from the e-mail she sent me with her story to retain the authenticity of this post


How can I get over the day of January 19, 2016….

I am so overwhelmed! It was what? Five days to be exact since that day, but I can’t still move on.

I felt the whole thing just happened yesterday. The only regret that I have was not being able to avail the Pulp Royalty that offers the meet and greet. It sucks that I live far from Manila (Nueva Ecija to be exact) and I wasn’t able to secure a slot. However, I promise that the next time they come I will be meeting them face to face.

One Ok Rock is the best concert I’ve ever attended. I’ve seen fancams from other countries but nothing beats seeing them in real life!!!! Just reliving that night gives me goose bumps. From the band to the fans… it’s amazing, so unforgettable. I love every minute of it. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried when they sung The beginning because of too much emotion that day. And what’s astonishing was that the whole concert turned out to be a duet between Taka and their fans (I’m part of it!!!!). I was at VIP Seated but I didn’t get to seat because I got so carried away. I was singing and head banging the whole time, it was so fun. I even forgot to drink even though I bought some water before I went inside the concert hall. I only remember it after the concert. I met some fellow fans who are as hyperactive as I was that day! I saved their phone numbers and promised that we will get in touch (I’m friends with them in facebook now). I took a few pictures (though they are blurred because they’re moving so fast and I’m a little far) to serve as a memento of the best night of my life. My night was complete when they sung No scared, because that song is my all-time favourite. I was praying before the concert started that they chose that song as part of their set list here in our country.

The day after the concert, I had to attend classes again, back to my old boring life, where books and thesis are my priority. However, I wasn’t in my gloomy mood that day. I even bought doughnuts for my classmates because I was so happy. I lost my voice because I sung (or screamed) for the whole concert. Even though I’m back to my reality, I still can’t move on. Those few pictures (Sorry I can’t post them, too blurred) on my phone reminded me of January 19, 2016, the day that I get to watch One Ok Rock. I would find myself looking for fancams on the net. Even short clips make me feel like I was at the concert again. I talked nonstop about the day from the time that I travelled from my province to Manila, to the line where I bought my tshirt and beanie, to the waiting period before the concert, the whole concert and on our way home. It’s a good thing, I have friends who are understanding. They never get tired of listening to my stories of the concert. I even wore my tshirt last Friday, which earned some teasing from classmates. I showed them the beanie that I bought and they took turns trying it on and taking pictures with it. Whenever my friends would ask how it feels to see them perform live. All I could say was, “You guys should come with me the next time that they visit our country. You will only know what I feel once you see them perform live”. Because honestly, it’s unexplainable… words are not enough to express what I felt when I saw them with my own eyes. I hope they will really come back, because I will be waiting for them.


PCD is really hitting hard on ONE OK ROCK fans but guess what, they are still calling for more! Who would not? ONE OK ROCK is still making airwaves!!!

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