Fans on ONE OK ROCK: Post Concert Experience Part 3

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Since my server is doing some malfunctioning with my stupid internet! I will share more Post Concert Experiences of fans from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila… I feel completely amused because I am going to fuel more PCD!!!

Well, we can’t really move on properly from this! So let us begin!

For this specific entry of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: Post Concert Experience Series, I will share to you Guianne Verceles’ answer in the thread I made at the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers’ site! She was seated in Lower Box B!


This was my first concert ever. My heart was beating really fast and I can’t help but smile while I was waiting in line. Since I didn’t know any friend or co-fan that will attend the concert, I went there alone. This didn’t stop me from going, since this may be a once in a lifetime event for me! xD I waited for One Ok Rock to visit the Philippines for how many years now, I won’t waste an opportunity like this just because I’m alone ! xD Anyway, as I entered the arena, I felt amazed by the crowd! When the lights went out and when the members, Taka, Toru, Tomoya and Ryota, went out one by one, I really screamed and fangirled really hard! I can’t believe that they’re here, that I’m here, at the same place, breathing the same air. While they were performing “Take me to the top” and “Memories”, I was literally crying. I’ve always thought that those fans who cries because of their favorite band are just overreacting. I even told myself that I won’t be like that. But when I attended this awesome concert? I cried tears of joy! I was so happy that I wasn’t able to contain it! This was the first time it happened to me, and it’s because of One Ok Rock. I enjoyed the whole night. I jumped, cheered, fangirled , sang and screamed all at the same time. I just rocked out with the band I love. When Taka sang the song “Decision”, the part where it says “we’ll never be as young as we are now”, made my heart jump. I felt more glad, and really thankful that I was able to attend this concert. That I was able to bought a ticket, that I was able to feel all those mixed emotions that night, because just like the lyrics said, we’ll never really be as young as we are now right? We should live every moment to the fullest.
I treasured that moment and hoped that it would last much longer. But of course, I knew that this was gonna end sooner or later. And it did, much sooner than I expected. But! I am so glad that One Ok Rock liked how we sang, cheered and screamed during their performance. The wave of lights when Taka was singing “Heartache” and the way we all sang the Japanese lyrics of “Wherever you are” were all so unforgettable. But, I remembered the time when Taka wanted a wall of death, and it didn’t happened. I stopped for a minute there, looking at him, thinking that he’s probably disappointed. I actually didn’t know about the WOD, until recently. But I can see and understand that Taka wants to separate the crowd at that time. Anyway, I just hope that it can be done next time. smile emoticon
Anyway, we all know that overall, they also enjoyed the night. After all, they promised to come back again right? XD And when they do, I promised myself to be at the VIP section, where I’ll be able to see them much closer. And so, one of the best moments in my life ended. I left the hall contented. I only felt all the body pain after the concert. And I really had a hard time sleeping that night, since I can still hear their performance in my head xD I really can’t wait for their return heart emoticon Thank you, One Ok Rock, for this unforgettable and awesome moment that you shared with us! heart emoticon


The love for ONE OK ROCK knows no bounds and for Guianne, I think she will have this experience locked up in her heart and cherish it always. I’ll see you in Part 2 Guianne!!!

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Who is going to be featured next I wonder? Stay tuned!!!



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