Fans on ONE OK ROCK: Post Concert Experience Part 4

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PCD is being fueled consistently from this site… hahaha, this is going to be hard to stop no? ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila will live on and prepare us for part 2!!!

Well, we can’t really move on properly from this! So let us begin!

For this specific entry of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: Post Concert Experience Series, I will share to you Maria Beatrice Ogo’s answer in the thread I made at the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers’ site!

Note: This is her actual statement so I am not editing anything!!!!


Attending ONE OK ROCK’s first-ever concert in the Philippines was a magical experience – never have I been this hung up about a live performance as much as I did when I saw Tomoya Kanki, Takahiro Moriuchi, Ryota Kohama, and Toru Yamashita in the flesh for the first time. I knew I would be in for a treat after having watched several documentaries/footage of their performances and I am glad to say I was not disappointed. In fact, I was blown away!

Every member was exceptionally good at what they did – Taka showed off his flawless vocals (despite all the jumping, running, and headbanging, I did not hear a single crack his voice during the whole show! His control was really great!), Toru played guitar like it was the easiest thing on earth and did so while maintaining composure and coolness (he was an obvious fan favorite!). Ryota showed off his mastery as a bassist (just like Taka, and Toru, he was also a favorite among Philippine One Ok Rockers ~), and then we have Tomoya, a force to be reckoned with on drums and my personal favorite among the members. Seeing him play live only cemented my interest in the art of drumming. And not forgetting to mention his lively facial expressions and his surprising “Maharr Kittaah” shoutout before leaving the stage. That was one of the night’s golden moments for me aside from Taka mentioning that OOK would definitely be coming back to the Philippines.
\(^ ^)/

All in all, One Ok Rock had put on one of the best live performances I have ever witnessed. The band is a literal representation of “what you hear is what you get” idiom. It is a fantastic feeling to be a part of this generation, I can say this much at least. *\(^o^)/*
A little backstory on my trip: To be honest, I have many anxieties and a couple of negative memories about Manila which was why I initially lacked the courage to travel alone all the way from Bicol to Pasay City. I merely convinced myself to do so because I didn’t want to stay stuck nervous and wondering all the time. I’m glad I took on the challenge because navigating alone through the labyrinth that is Manila does not seem so scary once you ask the
right questions and get the right directions. “Wow..SERIOUSLY?”, you might ask, but yes – this experience turned out to also be quite a soul-searching journey for me. Not forgetting to mention 4-5 solid hours of being in a moshpit full of people.. This can be a real nightmare for someone with extreme social anxieties and I’m not just talking about the simple invasion of personal space either.. It was both exciting and somewhat terrifying. Imagine Isaac Newton’s laws of motion being demonstrated simultaneously but replace objects with people instead (just to give you an idea of what the experience was like).

I was not able to meet the band up close and personal (nor hand in the gifts I prepared beforehand) but I left the venue with a big and happy heart. I guess quality music can do that to you. Attending this Japanese rock concert was a first for me and also definitely one of the best memories I have as a fangirl. The next time they visit, I’ll be sure to make the best of it the way I did on January 19, 2016. ♡


While Part 2 is still far from the horizon, it is likely these fans will wait endlessly for the next one. ONE OK ROCK live in Manila is something you shouldn’t want to miss next!

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