Journeys for ONE OK ROCK Fans

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Hahaha, someone really needs to put more water on the fire. ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila remains a blaze even if the con is over. I dunno about you guys but it seems this will never die so soon.

Anyway, time for me to share you more stories from fans from the Philippines who still cannot get over the live they just witnessed! For today, we will be looking at Eddelyn’s experience. Eddelyn was in Lower Box A.

*this is her response per word in the thread. I had to edit it for the other bits already addressed by the admins of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers*


I don’t know what to say, I have all this roller coaster ride experience with the concert.

I came from the wonderful capital of Laguna, I mean I’m from Santa Cruz. HAHA! (Pabongga lang. Joke) Actually, my parents are against it. They did not want me to go to Manila (though it is not my first time travelling without my parents). But, of course I did not give up on persuading my parents because for me, this concert will or may happen once in a blue moon. This is the very FIRST concert that I have attended (well, it is if the Coca-Cola FREE concerts were not included. HAHA).

My classmate and I arrived at the MOA Arena past 10am and WOW, there’s a queue already. I’m surprised! We waited patiently while strolling around the mall. When we came back from the area before 4pm, we saw the line was already long. The people are starting to arrive. I’ve met a few from other provinces and also made friends with a woman from Manila and a balik-bayan from New York. I can’t believe that he went home to the Philippines just to watch the concert.

The management announced that the gates will open by 6pm but it actually opened before 7pm and I got in past 7pm. We’re all shouting: OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!!! While waiting patiently, I asked a few people from my line and the others said they’re from Lower Box A, B, C –as in there is no right lane for the Lower Box, were all mixed. Somehow, it is disappointing but it didn’t matter to me. HAHA.

When I got inside the arena, I exclaimed with happiness and I was amazed because it is so damn huge. I actually thought they’re going to fill all those seats, but they didn’t. Actually, Lower Box A 206, rows 1-4 were almost empty. Yes, there are only a few people seating from row 1-4. I am seated at row 5. I CAN SEE EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENING ON THE STAGE CLEARLY, because there are only a few people seating in front of me.
When the show started, I became speechless. I just found myself jumping, waving, singing, head banging all throughout the concert. My legs felt heavy because of tiredness. I am so overwhelmed. They gave it all for the performance and the feeling was surreal, I can’t believe that I was really there.

TAKA, kept on going to OUR SIDE, it is RYOTA’s side. HAHA. Maybe he noticed that in our place (especially at LBA 206), there are only a few people there. I can’t believe that he’s looking at US; he is always going at our side. Of course I felt that he noticed me because I was waving my ONE OK ROCK fan. HAHAHAHA.

The most magical moment (for me) was the TORUKA moments, when they performed Wherever You Are and Heartache. We all did well during Heartache. Especially when TAKA said: “I’m going to sing in Japanese. If you know the words, can you sing with me?” When he started the song, those from Lower Box at TORU’s side started to lit up their flashlights and then soon, the crowd lit their flashlights. It’s so magical and then when we all sang, WOW. It is the sea of lights. Seeing the photos by sir julenphoto posted on the member’s IG account –I didn’t knew that we all looked amazing there.

The most elated moment was when TOMOYA shouted: “MAHAL KITA”. My heart shuffled, he’s so cute!!! I actually shouted: MAHAL NAMIN KAYO while TOMOYA was walking going in the backstage and because of that I lose my voice again. HAHA.


This is the only photo I have from the concert which was clear.


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Lol, these stories are getting better and better. I wonder if I should start asking others from other areas…

We will see.



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