ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Aftershock

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I bring more stories of Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila Post Event Experiences! Yes yes, PCD continues to live on and it will not be long till we all demand for Part 2 so loudly XDD

But calm down my fellow fans. ONE OK ROCK will come back so for now, let us save up for it.

For this update, I feature one of my little kouhais, Diane, and her story on the concert. Diane is a part of the first wave of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews so you can check that out in the main blog. I have met my little kouhai in the concert since we both were in VIP 2 Standing.

Let’s read her story shall we?


VIP 2 Standing. The moment Tomoya went out on the stage, I felt an excited chill go down my spine. Finally, after many sacrificed concerts, there I was about to experience my first concert. Probably because of fate that it’s ONE OK ROCK’s. Until now I am still high over that night and it sunk just last thursday ’cause while singing “Wherever You Are”, I started tearing up and flashbacks of the concert day umm, well flashed XD

I still amazed that, for me, they sound almost the same, heck even better, when performing live. Heartache and Wherever You Are showcased Taka’s melodious voice. Oh my heart when NO SCARED and Stuck in the Middle played. Kyaa~ Toru’s screamos~

One thing I can’t get over is the thing that Taka does try to connect with the fans when singing and it is REAL. While singing Decision, he went to the extended stage and looked at each of the fans at the edge while singing wholeheartedly. Our eyes met and even if it was just for a brief second, I felt that we connected and OMG!!!! And don’t even get me started with Toru, dear lord what is he. He was so frigging handsome in person! Almost doll like, and Tomoya’s just too cute~ Ryota’s abs are just mmm and his bass skills are awesome!! Looks like he really does play clean XD

After the con was cloud nine. My friend and I didn’t go out immediately and digested for a while what just happened. We also went to the front part near the stage to check out how close it was and that was where I saw my Kami-senpai (Hallo~). I wasn’t able to sleep just yet ’cause I still felt so alive and adrenaline was still rushing. Next time when they return, hopefully I’ll be able to get PR and be able to give Toru my 愛~ jk :)) Overall, ONE OK ROCK CONCERTS ARE THE FUCKING BEST. From the stage lighting to their performance, it’s enough to blow your shoes off! I can’t even put to words every feels that I am still feeling for the concert OTL




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Lol, I wonder how these other stories will go. ONE OK ROCK, you guys need to come back soon!



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