Lean’s ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila Experience

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So boys and girls, have you recovered from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila? If you do, congratulations. If you have not… well, you are not the only one.

For today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila The Experience, let’s feature Lean or Twitter User @pauladots regarding her story! She sent this over via my e-mail so you know its really her who did this ^^v


Hi! I’m Lean Reyes from Makati (i’m @pauladots from Twitter). Here are my thoughts (100% of my OOR thoughts from that day until now—which might last until they come back here for another concert)
I’ve been a fan since early 2012. I found their music on Youtube for I was hoping to refresh my playlist that time. I listened to their songs for 2 months without knowing everyone was pure Japanese—Taka’s accent made me think they were Americans or British trying to invade Jrock.


My cousin and I got the VIP 2 standing tickets. The night before the concert until the next morning, I didn’t feel any excitement. My cousin, Angela, had been bugging me what time we should be at the arena to make sure we get a good spot.

The day of the concert both of us we’re still floating…thinking…in our heads “is this all true?”, “are the boys really in the same country as us?”, “are they somewhere around the vicinity and there’s a possibility we could bump into them?”. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the royalty tickets as they got sold out real fast—- that we were imagining we could meet them somewhere by chance and shake their hands or might as well give them hugs. It didn’t happen but it’s okay. NEXT TIME, we will DEFINITELY get ROYALTY! (crosses fingers).

We arrived at 2pm and ate snacks. My other friend informed us that there were already lots of people in line and the merch might get sold out. So we ran to the arena and yes, WE WERE VERY SURPRISED to find lots of fans there—and we thought One Ok Rock isn’t so popular in this country—we were so wrong. The OOR fans here are all just in ninja-mode I guess, and now everybody’s out of their caves to give out their full support to the band . It sounds funny but it’s also heartwarming at the same time.

I also regret we went there so late (yes, 2pm is already late. hahaha), we could’ve had gotten the spot a little bit nearer to the stage. The gates opened later than what was written on the ticket, at 6pm, everybody got a little bit impatient and of course WE WERE SUPER EXCITED TO GO IN–everyone chanted to open the gates.

Alas, we got in and the real excitement hit me. I took pictures of the stage before the concert because I wasn’t intending to record any videos nor take pictures in the middle of it.
Finally, the boys were on-stage!!!!! That moment was one of the best moments of my life, finally, the boys were right there in front of me, finally. THANK YOU SO MUCH GOD!

The moment they played “Take me to the top”—–I was in trance. My eyes were fixed on them, my feet were jumping non-stop, and my hands were in the air. You can say, the adrenaline was so high that it didn’t matter whether my feet hurt nor my arms felt numb for waving too much, nor my squeaking voice singing along, nor the screams of the crowd ringing in my ears. It was REAL PLEASURE! I was lost in their spell.

Taka was so amazing; his control over the crowd; his jumps; his voice—that no matter how crazy he moved, it was still perfectly beautiful…more beautiful than the studio recording. Toru was awesome with his guitars as expected, and his charms made lots of girls scream, he is indeed the most handsome in the band. Ryota and his monstrous talent using the bass guitar…I am really amazed how he could still pluck those strings as he moved non-stop. He and Toru head banging!~ ♥ And Tomoya, last but not the least…his skills are just mad! How can a drummer be a back up vocalist? Tomoya just nailed it. I seldom love rock bands 100% from songs to members, and OOR is the first and only band that made it to my list.

My favorite parts of the concert was of course when they entered the stage, when they sang “Deeper deeper”, “Memories”, “Clock Strikes”, “Last Dance”, “Cry Out”, AND GOODNESS—“HEARTACHE”, the feels during that moment, it’s just indescribable. The crowd was amazing too, lighting up their phones and singing along….It was also surprising that the crowd knew the Japanese lyrics more than the English ones from the “deluxe” album.

That moment, Taka and Toru’s faces lightened up, obviously happy and touched because of the crowd’s response. And as a fan, I was—and still am happy we showed our love for them and their music.
The next songs I loved were “Decision”, “The beginning”, and lastly “Mighty Long Fall”. I felt so happy and so proud to be part of that crowd. I was really praying they would encore more songs because I didn’t want it to end. And YES, they came back and performed “Wherever You Are”, acoustic version (which I was dying to hear live!!!) It’s also one of my favorites, especially the part Taka had let the crowd sing. It was pure bliss. That whenever I relive that moment, I just melt.
The whole concert itself was SO AMAZING—but the best of the best was when they sang “Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer”!!!!! It’s like everybody waited for that song. It felt as if everyone’s energy made the last song so special and so energized more than ever! Even my sore feet jumped with Taka. When they were saying their goodbyes and thank yous, I was still floating, it’s wasn’t sinking in my head that it’s over…I love the part when everyone was exiting the stage, Tomoya was the last one—-he already passed by the mic, but he came back and shouted “MAHAL KITA” to us. It made us crazier than ever. My cousin and I didn’t want to leave the arena—-we wanted more. (T^T) I know everyone felt the same way.

They promised they would come back and I really pray they will. It’s been 2 weeks and I still can’t get over it. It’s a kind of hangover that you’d want to have forever.
To One Ok Rock—-even though you would never see this letter, I want to thank you for coming. It means a lot to all of us…to me. Thank you for the music, thank you for the inspiration, and thank you for existing! ♥♥♥


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