35XXXV: ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila, in a nutshell

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We are still counting down PCD madness because of ONE OK ROCK live in Manila and it won’t stop! I dont think fans will forget it so easily and for their PCD to recover somewhat, ONE OK ROCK would need to come back soon!

Anyway! For this Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Experience Series, I will feature Caris of Hello Caris. I met Caris… in twitter, asking all these funny questions about the boys and I would always answer each one. Hahaha! Eventually she became my friend and each night, we would have these random talks. hahaha, I would often call her a cat for some reason. Her nickname makes me call her that. Hahahaha.

Here is her story about her ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila experience.


Takahiro Morita was a dynamite, flawlessly dropping every note and word, constantly charming everyone with his discernible English. All concert seats, visually, were filled, except a few rows on the left, Ryota’s side, which leads me to think that most fans are after Toru and his glorious arms. Tomoya, the cutie, constantly gave the hard-thrown beats, never missing a twang or timing. It was hard to see him in action OVER THERE (we were at the lower box, half wishing there were screens so we can get a good look at their faces, but budget-wise, the absence of it is understandable). Everything was particularly smooth sailing, if not for the long wait by the queue, but nobody cared about that once the boys took the stage. The two-hour, highly pumped encounter flew by fast; with everyone’s head spinning and hearts racing during each number, jumping to Cry Out, Memories, Decision, Mighty Long Fall and such. Beautiful moments, however, were captured during the enthralling acoustic stages, especially in Heartache and Wherever You Are, showcasing how much of a romantic sentimentalists Pinoys are. Caught up in their breaths, goodbyes were said (ugh), but hopefully, Manila made a dent in the boys’ memory, and make them want to come back soon—pretty soon.

Post-Event Thing
There’s going to be a big problem if you try to sleep but Cry Out still rings inside your head; there’s that big dollop of nostalgia, wishing you were at SM MOA Arena and it was January 19 again. But as ONE OK ROCK says, Clock Strikes, and its hands are definitely on the move. You just had to move along with it. A vent would be helpful, something creative and sentimental, like doing a series of OOR’s songs and lyrics in digital calligraphy, which is a nice excuse to listen to the songs over and over again till we tire of it. Hearts recuperate, but another squeal from a fan on social media sets it on fire, yet again. Despite the unwanted nostalgia and wishy-washing, you put that nice memory in your pocket and walk away with it, remembering that night when silver lights illuminated the dome; and for the first time, four Japanese musicians, after venturing out in many of the world’s best places, have found a feeling of home in Manila.

Mei notes: To read Caris’ post event blog about it, check out this link

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