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Someone’s busy inventing new titles hahaha. I am very happy the reception in this place is very huge and I believe with PCD from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and the other stories of ONE OK ROCK fans worldwide, well, this place will grow steadily in the next coming years.

For now, let us concentrate with the love ONE OK ROCK has from Manila shall we?

Today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila: The Fan Experiences will feature the testimonial from Jillanie Basconcillo. If you may recall, she was featured in the First Wave of the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews in my main blog (you can check her interview in this link). I met Jillanie for the first time in the con and she was the one who first spotted me when I was hanging out in the VIP holding area for the fans. She also gave me Kitkat! YAY and a small note in Japanese (She had been practicing before all of this).

So, what did she say about ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila? Read below!


It was such a magical night that I forgot I actually for waited 15 hours (max)…but it was all worth it. Filipino fans didn’t disappoint as we gladly accepted the challenge to give ONE OK ROCK a night they will never forget. The happiness isn’t one way though. ONE OK ROCK returned all that love and support we effectively conveyed with much appreciation. It was seen in all of Taka’s gestures as well as the smile on Toru, Ryota and Tomoya’s faces…even their IG posts after the show seemed to be in sync! Julen too was amazed at how we sang along to every song, and in two emoticon

The Beginning will always be special to me, that’s why being able to hear it live and to sing along is nothing but surreal. It will always be my favorite ONE OK ROCK song. And then, doing the “clap thing” for Deeper Deeper too! I loved that number from their MLF Yokohama concert. To have experienced it here was so much fun! Though Taka didn’t play guitar while singing Heartache, it’s still overly romantic as lights flickered in all areas of the arena as the audience sing along. Same goes for Wherever You Are… I’m certain we share the feels. If there’s one thing that I’d like to rewind for all eternity, that would be the moment Taka bowed to all of us and just too overwhelmed to speak.

My fan girl dreams of seeing them up close came true that night, obviously because I secured a great spot due to my VIP 1 ticket. Though it wasn’t so personal as experienced by PR holders, #teamairport and #teamhotel peeps, I’ll be ok with that for now. I’ll just hold on dearly to Taka’s promise that they will definitely come back. Lastly, I’m so grateful to all the people I’ve met that day because you guys made the experience extra special!


ONE OK ROCK: The 2016 ’35XXXV’ Asia Tour: Live in Manila was brought to us by PULP Live World, 28 Black and Amuse Asia Inc. Event partners also include Monster Radio RX 93.1, MYX, The Philippine Star,, Animax, Otaku Asia Magazine, Primer, Astroplus, Odyssey Music Video, Pulp Magazine, G/ST and SM Mall of Asia Arena.

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Stories are a plenty! More coming soon!!!!


  • the daydream believer


    Why… this feature came sooner than I expected!!! Sums up all my post concert feels. I’m trying my best to write something even more detailed than this but my disoriented thoughts always get in the way. So, there won’t be parting words because this is only just The Beginning 🙂 See you in PART 2!

    • kythe

      LOL. yes indeed. I will see you in Part 2

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