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Mei is here once again after some hiatus for Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews!!! Hahaha, this site is going strong I reckon and with fans still reeling from ONE OK ROCK here in the country, it will be a while. I will start scourging the net for foreign stories in the next coming days! Mei loves you all!

For today’s mini entry, I’ll share to you my interview with Faith Magbanua. I met Faith in Twitter. I forgot exactly when but I think I responded to her tweet then everything spiralled to there. She is one of the many who awaited the final report in Autumn Sky and eventually, I was able to catch her for her fan story. Wanna see how she grew to love this band? Lets find out in this interview!!!!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
it was I think, almost three years ago. I came across them on youtube while searching for J-Rock bands. I have been obsessed with anything Japanese that’s why. After listening to them I became hooked, I started digging a lot of their music videos. The first song that got me was “Deeper Deeper”.

Question 2: Favorite song and why?
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. well I guess because of the title says it all. we are all a little dreamer inside, we don’t want to let anyone tear our dream apart right? And the chords and riffs of the song. I love!

Question 3: Proof of your ONE OK ROCK Love, the Merch
I still haven’t started that. I have been a fan for quite some time now and all I have is a compilation of their live concertsm with or without english subs

Question 4: Favorite band member and why?
TOMOYA! He is just plain cute! We both have curly hair and I love tomatoes!

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
It has, how? let’s just say that music has a very huge influence in my life, growing up, I was hooked on listening to rock songs but there was a void within me, something that seeks for more, being an otaku helped, I will always listen to the opening or Ending song and crossing paths with One Ok Rock changed my life in a way that I feel more whole. Their lyrics, be it Japanese or not, it gives me chills. I always listen to them whenever I am sad and they helped me through those times. I feel better.

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January?
I FEEL EXCITED AF!!! like I was puffing my inhaler, for real, because I was so excited. Good thing my paychek had my ticket covered hehe

Question 7: Which ticket did you get?
VIP 3, wasn’t able to get the VIP 1 or 2 and even Royalty.

Question 8: Expectations on the concert?
I expected them to make a cover of Hello. Adele’s Hello, since Taka made a 15 second vid on instagram. It was insane! I don’t actually expect anything. I wanted to be surprised.

Question 9: Post-event Experience?

As written on my blogpost about a month now “The bruises may have faded but at least I wore them with pride.” That was what happened a few weeks ago when I attended One OK Rock’s very first concert here in Manila.
I have been a fan for quite some time now. I happen to came across on of of their music videos, I think that was “Deeper-Deeper” while searching for a good J-Rock band in Youtube. As a kid, I had this fascination about anything that is Japanese related—well, I must admit, up till now, I am pretty much obsessed with it. Anyway, back to the concert. Seeing One OK Rock live, was a dream come true.

I have this list of stuff that I call “bucket list” or some sort, to do when I turn 21 and heck, attending my first rock concert was one of it! I had this feeling that One OK Rock will visit this 2016 so I decided to save my first pay check to buy a VIP Ticket. Too bad I wash’t able to purchase VIP’s 1 and 2 because I was at work but at least I get to buy the VIP 3 standing—I am so going to buy that royalty next time.

As the day of the concert arrives, I wash’t that hyped nor excited, I just feel so chill—then hell broke lose the moment I entered the arena. The feeling was euphoric for me. Super, it was like I was on drugs or something. I went to the concert alone but I didn’t mind. The moment the band started to do their intro, that’s when the crowd acted a little push-ier, I don’t know if that was even a word. Anyway, being not so tall was a con, because I wash’t able to see them clearly but that’s okay. Anyway, the moment they played their intro which was 35XXXV, that’s when my asthmatic self started to feel a little less euphoric. To be honest, I grew up listening to rock music but the real deal is way much different than the music you listen too. I was about to grab my inhaler when all of a sudden, the adrenaline rush kicked in! and before I knew it, I was jumping and singing and throwing my middle finger in the air because of that certain word in their song “Memories”

I will never forget that night, everything ws just so perfect that I told myself—“If I were to die today, I wouldn’t mind, I’ll die happy and high.” Every bit of their song seeped into my core that all I ever wanted to do is to sing along and jump all around to their songs, of course, it kinda tamed down when Taka sang “Heartache” and “Wherever you are” everyone was lighting up their phones, I was guilty for taking a 25v second video of their performance but I couldn’t help it.
It was all too perfect. I feel so happy and hyper that before I knew it, tears were streaming down my eyes the moment Heartache played. I was just so glad to see them, Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya! Who would have thought that they’ll be coming here! all the handwork of the fandom has finally paid off! I am looking forward to their next concert.

The feeling of attending their concert was nothing but heaven.

It was bittersweet, yet it was all worth it. The night when I get home, I look so horrible, my eyeliner was all over the place, my hair smells like another persons’s saliva, my shirt was full of sweat but who cares, my voice was so hoarse I couldn’t speak a lot but as I’ve said, it was all worth it. The morning after the concert, well… that’s when everything started to re-surfaced, I am finally back into the real world and fairy-rock-and-roll-godmother’s spell has been broken. The bruises started to appear. I had a few on my arms and neck, my body hurts so bad that I was feeling super lazy to go to work, good thing I don’t work till 10 AM or so. The worst thing that a fan could ever experience besides the bruises was the “post-concert syndrome” the fact that you feel like attending their concert or you’ll have cold turkey is the worst that can happen—well, kinda. It’s like when you’re so addicted to something and then it suddenly goes away. That is what I felt.
But to sum everything up, it was such a great and memorable experience, I didn’t care that I attended alone or ended up with a lot of bruises and a hoarse voice, what’s important is the fact that I came to see the concert.

I came
I saw
and I got conquered.

Question 10: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
I’ll say, thank you for changing my life, for filling up the void that only One Ok Rock can fill. Continue to change lives, to inspire people, to make music that you’ll look back and be proud of and also, I am literally so proud of you guys for making it to the Philippines, one concert isn’t enough so please go back soon. Of course, the I love you guys is essential. haha


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