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Mei is on a roll and yes she is! ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila may be over but Manila hasn’t been over it yet. It will be a while i think before Manila can actually recover from ONE OK ROCK. Part 2 is still too soon but Manila will definitely not say no to them should they come back this year or so.

For today’s update of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, lets dissect the story of Lean Reyes’ ONE OK ROCK fan story. Lean is a teacher and a certified ONE OK ROCK fan since 2012! As you may recall, I already featured her post-event experience here (click here for that), but how exactly did Lean find herself in this fandom and how did it grow? Yours truly has asked her that very question and here is how the interview went!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
The first time i heard OOR, (the first song was Notes n’ Words) I was amazed of the vocalist’s voice. Like I said in my PCD post, at first I thought they were a foreign band trying to invade Jrock ( just like Monkey Majik with a foreign vocalist)…I downloaded the “the beginning ” single and kept listening for 2 to 3 months. I was really into his voice—- and then when I heard it in the cinema during Rurouni Kenshin’s credits…I was like–“OMG, I know this band! I know this song”..There, when I got home…I thoroughly researched about them and got so hooked.

Question 2: Favorite song?
My ultimate favorite song? that’s a very tricky question! ahahahaha
it varies depending on my mood, but I love “Heartache” at the moment because the lyrics just hit me, it’s a long story— and I know you don’t want to hear my side of the story. lol but before their 35xxxv album came out, my favorite was “Chaosmyth”. The lyrics just gives me the courage to move on and treasure the people i have now, and the things i have.

Question 3: Proof of your ONE OK ROCK Love, the Merch
so far, I have some posters and 1 cd. i got the JinseiXBoku.
i will get the deluxe 35vvvx next month..and I’ll search for some more merch when I got to Japan in June.

Question 4: Favorite band member and why?
waaahh that’s another tricky question!!!!

i love everyone…but since I am attracted to beautiful voices more, it would be Taka.
Even though he looks like a playboy and he teases Tomoya a lot, I love his quirky side and the way he loves the whole band …like his real family. I’m sure, everyone feels the same too, not just Taka. plus yes, his voice is just heavenly.

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
One Ok Rock has changed my life a lot.
Looking at them and what they’ve been through…it made me stronger and they made me want to do my best in this lifetime. especially last year, it’s been really tough to the point giving up my life became an option.

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK announced they will come to the Philippines on January? Your Journey to Jan 19
I was restless. so restless, that I kept asking my friend we should get the M&G tickets (that time ticket prices weren’t announced yet). I was so excited. the first thing that came to mind was “Dad, let me borrow your credit card”. I was low in cash. I was like, ” I have to see them no matter what”…and my dad thought i was crazy.I also asked if he could get all my money in his bank account..but he refused the night I asked. and the next day, he agreed because i was really crying over it. My dad didn’t like the idea at all. but in the end I didn’t touch my savings and payed the tickets from my salary.

Question 7: Expectations on the concert? And for Part 2?
I had expectations,..that it would be a super fun night, and other random thoughts —- but it was amazing the boys exceeded those expectations.
Nobody, no band has ever made me feel so drowned like I’m under their spell. the feeling was surreal. it was great, it’s more like an addicting feeling.

They should definitely come back. I will get the royalty, DEFINITELY! I’m expecting to meet you all and shake your hands, and hug all of you! And guys, we promise the Filipino fans will be louder than ever. We will surprise you and that wall of death you missed will be an epic scene!!!!!

Question 8: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
My message to OOR, you made it here, I’m sure your music will reach all the people in every corner of this world. all your hard work paid off and it will pay off. We will always be here to support you, whenever you’re down, our arms are open wide to comfort you. Keep on fighting and keep on rocking!


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Must locate foreign fans sooooon!!! Any takers?!?!



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