Site Layout Updated!!!

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Welcome everyone to the new look of Love for 10969! If you guys would notice, this is similar to the layout currently used in Autumn Sky. I decided it would be best if the sites are uniformed to some degree but of course the content is different.

The layout is pretty much straightforward. The photo for the header and the photo of Taka in the sidebar are shots by the talented Joel Garcia for PULP Live World and it features some of the fans from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. I’ll be changing it regularly if fans would ask me to feature their photographs of the band and I’m very happy and willing to give you guys that spotlight! We got loads of space to feature OOR fan love!!!

I’ll be sorting out the pages in a few days and I am considering now on asking help to manage this place. I am also considering opening a Dropbox for Art entries and whatnots for you guys. So much opportunities for all! But I am considering it all still. These things need many considerations to do….

I still need to find foreign fans of ONE OK ROCK to introduce other stories though. Any takers? While waiting, I’ll post more stories from Manila!!!



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