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Seems this site is very busy and I am very happy it is. I wonder if this will beat the total record of hits I garnered from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila for Autumn Sky… hmmm, its not impossible to happen! After all, fans have immense power as seen in Manila a month ago!

Now, we kick off Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews with this story of Reli!!!! Reli is a member of the Philippines ONE OK ROCK-ers and is one of the people who wish to share their story to the world! Now, this is her answers based on the preset questions I sent her so please read below!!!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
I can’t remember exactly when but I’m pretty sure that it’s after Rurouni Kenshin 2nd movie (since the first ever song that I heard from the band is Mighty Long Fall) I’m not much of a fan at time time, just a casual jrock listener.

Question 2: Favorite song?
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. The lyrics struck me in my deepest core. I love every pieces of the lyrics and also the MV is to my liking. It’s simple and easy yet pleasing to the eyes

Question 3: Proof of your ONE OK ROCK Love, the Merch
Sadly, I don’t xD

Question 4: Favorite band member and why?
Honestly, I thought my fave is Taka but I unconsciously look for Toru everytime I watch an MV, so I guess I love the guitarist more. I don’t even know why. I always ALWAYS go after the vocalist and I don’t even know a thing about guitars (yeah, I’m really not much of a guitar fan) so I am surprise at myself when I realized I’m already a Toru fangirl xD

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
I think I’m not yet on the level that OOR would influence me in my life BUT I’M ON MY WAY THERE LOL xD I’m still scared of getting addicted to it. Idk. It’s just I’m scared that I’ll spend too much time, effort and money if I become a full-pledge OOR fangirl and I’mm still not mentally/financially prepared for that xD

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK announced that they will come to the Philippines on January? Your journey to the 19th?
(Before answering this question, I would just want to make it clear that I didn’t attend the concert frown emoticon )Mei – its ok, they will come back! Don’t worry!!!

The news ’bout the concert killed me, I mean literally, I almost choked out my lunch when I received the news (I was scrolling on my nf on our lunch breakat that time xD). I was really excited. By the time Oct came, I think that was the 16th or something (when they started selling the tix. I can’t rlly remember xD), I went to the mall with my friend to buy LBA tix. I was surprised to see that it was actually 3700 xD Good thing I brought enough money to pay for it. So we bought three: my tix, her’s and her sister’s. I’m excited A F. That’s the first time I bought a concert tix after all xD I don’t know what to expect.

When January came, shit happened lol (Too personal so I won’t discuss the details here xD but nothing really bad happened to me, it’s just a ‘serious’ family issue) I let my friend have my tix (she payed me of course xD). She bought it ’cause she believe it’s easier to sell a pair of tickets, my ticket and her sister’s (unfortunately, her sister got a flu). In the end, I wasn’t able to go. It was really depressing but I got over it when my friends told me OOR said they would surely return here someday.

Question 7: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
(idrk what to say, I think I’ll faint if I meet them xD but here it goes) Thank you OOR, you’re songs inspires me a lot. I’m not really fond of western music because I’m more of an utaite/vocaloid fan so I really thank you guys for introducing the music to me! It’s kinda ironic that a Japanese band is the one that introduced westerners to me but it’s true and I really appreciate it. Go OOR! VISIT THE PHILIPPINES AGAIN, PLEASE! I’LL WAIT FOR YOU! Keep on rockin’

And MARRY ME TORU! xD (kidding lol)


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Manila, Manila… will we ever recover I ask? More stories very soon!!!!



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