Staff Update!!!

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Mei is here for a very important announcement! In the next coming days, you may notice another person appearing in some of the posts here in Love for 10969. That is due to the fact Jillanie agreed to help me out when I tweeted about getting help for this place. The stories will not hunt for themselves and with more and more people agreeing to take part in the mini-site, best I get help while I can right? After all, yours truly also has to maintain Autumn Sky and give you all love there too!

Jillanie will also be posting some of the interviews and responses she will get so please do say hi to her when she starts posting! If you want to help us out, please send me a contact form or a message in my Twitter or Facebook page. Best if you are a foreigner though since we need foreign love here!

More stories coming your way coz they are with me and her! So much love for ONE OK ROCK!



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