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Ahhh, Manila. Will you ever recover from ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila? I am starting to think you will not and considering how the next few days will go! ONE OK ROCK fever will grow and once I add foreign stories here, we will have so much fun!!!

Anyway! For today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, we will get to have a glimpse on Marga’s story! Marga is a member of the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers and is one of my readers! We’re currently working on a project together and since we got to talk, I interviewed her for her ONE OK ROCK story. Note, lol, this can be pretty long but it be awesome!!!

Read below!!!!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
Someone who knew about my liking for Japanese music introduced them to me back in 2010. I’m not sure about the exact song. It might have been My sweet baby? All I’m sure of is that it was around the release of Niche Syndrome.

Well, I liked a good number of their songs – Kaimu, Jibun Rock, and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer are some of my all-time favorites – but I failed to stay updated with their music (I got distracted by other bands, lol.) Re:make/NO SCARED was the last single of theirs that I listened to from that time. I didn’t hear about them until I found out about the petition to bring them here (that was around 2013, I think?)

Then it was probably in 2014 that I heard about them again. XD It was also around that time that I first watched the Mighty Long Fall MV, which I fell in love with (I kept it on repeat for a couple of days)

Question 2: Favorite song?
Ah, that’s difficult. I love a lot of their songs, but if I have to choose, then I guess it would be… Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer, because it still gives me goosebumps (I am so thankful that they performed it here!) Juvenile and Let’s take it someday come close to it, though. These are the three songs that I can always rely on when I need something to pull me through tougher days.

Question 3: Do you collect ONE OK ROCK merchandise?
Yes, I started collecting last year (with a secondhand copy of FOOL COOL ROCK). I have a couple of shirts now as well, plus the beanie that they sold at the concert. Right now I’m working on getting a couple more DVDs and Primal Footmark 2016.

Question 4: Who in ONE OK ROCK do you like/admire/love the most and why?
I love all them for their individual quirks, but my number one is… Taka! I’ve always had a soft spot for him (plus I may have a thing for vocalists ahaha). His talent and dedication to his craft is very inspiring, plus there’s the fact that he appears to be a very nice person (especially to fans, from what I’ve seen on videos that others have uploaded). I also love that he can get pretty crazy, hahah. And he’s cute, of course. But all of them are, I realized eventually XD

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
I was, uh, fresh from a breakup at the time of my rediscovery of ONE OK ROCK. Their angrier songs (such as Re:make, Liar and NO SCARED) kind of became an outlet for my feelings. I started watching their MVs on YouTube, and soon I found myself watching snippets from their concerts. I thought they were amazing, especially when playing live, and they worked well as a distraction from the “heartache,” lol. It was then that I finally listened to Zankyou Reference, JinseixBoku= and 35xxxv, where I found the songs that eventually gave me the strength to get back up and think, “I can move on from this,” and later on, “I have a concert to look forward to!”

Part of me dreaded the end of the concert, though, because I felt like I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to anymore, but it doesn’t feel like that now. My appreciation for music in general has returned and I just feel a lot better about life – and I think OOR has played a huge role in getting me back to this mindset.

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? Your journey to the 19th? Expectations? Your Ticket story!
Ah, I got pretty excited! I wasn’t even updated with their music at the time, it wasn’t until I bought tickets that I listened to Zankyou Reference onwards. But I knew I had to see them, even if I had to get the cheapest tickets available.
I got the tickets on the first day of ticket selling because I was afraid that they would sell out on the first day. The LBC tickets were all I could afford at the time XD

But then as I listened to more of their music (and watched more of their videos), I got pretty obsessed… so I upgraded to LBA.
And then the new seats opened up last December when I finally had some extra money, so I upgraded again to VIP Seated. I wanted to get as close to the stage as possible XD

I remember panicking about the new sections, lol. I argued with myself about upgrading until early morning (had to consider the fact that I need to upgrade my sister’s ticket as well)

I expected a lot of fan interaction, which I know that they do from all the videos I’ve seen. I thought the setlist would contain mostly songs from 35xxxv and then their hits, but I also prayed rather fervently for them to play Let’s take it someday, because I badly wanted to experience the jump (I still want to experience it, but all the times that Taka asked us to jump served as a decent substitute)

I was also hoping for Answer is near… Maybe next time they’ll play it

Oh, but most of all I expected to have the best time of my life, and they delivered on that!

Question 7: How was the concert for you?
Okay, so. We arrived at MOA Arena at around 3PM. Since we had reserved seats I wasn’t worried about lining up (though seeing the lengthening VIP1, 2 and 3 lines made me feel antsy – I wasn’t used to having reserved seats at rock concerts), but I was worried about the merch table running out of beanies. So I fell in line there first, and then I looked for the PULP Helpdesk to pick up the shirt I pre-ordered (I saw you around there XD I envied all of you who were in line for PULP Royalty, to be honest. I have to aim for that next time!) We still had quite a lot of time after that, so we went around MOA for a bit. We returned just as night was starting to fall, and I saw the amazing sight that was the huge crowd of people lining up or waiting around the area. Even then I already knew that it would be the biggest concert I’ve ever been to. We waited outside the area for a bit, until they finally opened the gates. We watched the VIP Standing people as they hurried into the arena, and I felt a mixture of relief and again, envy – relief because I was glad that I didn’t have to worry about securing a good place, and envy because in spite of the effort and sacrifice of the VIP Standing ticketholders, they looked like they were having the time of their lives.

We started to line up as well after a bit (almost missed our turn because we didn’t hear the staff calling out for the VIP Seated people), and soon enough we were already in the lobby of the arena. I bought two bottles of water for my sister and I, and then we lined up at the entrance corresponding to the area on our tickets. We left the line, though, because I spotted people holding rolled-up posters, and I knew I had to get one! So I bought a 28Black drink, got a free poster, and ended up almost palpitating because of the energy drink XD

We found our seats inside the arena soon afterward. It was section 116, and we were as close to the stage as VIP Seated ticketholders could get. I kind of wanted to cry at that point, but I held it in until the concert actually started. Or maybe I managed to hold them in for the whole concert. All I know is that when the lights finally dimmed and Tomoya, Ryota and Toru got onto the stage, I was already on my feet and absolutely ready to finally see Taka in the flesh as well. They entered from our side of the stage, too – we could see the hallway to the backstage from our seats (speaking of seats, there were quite a lot of empty seats from our row. I’m not sure why.)

But anyway, I think I really was on the verge of tears by the time Taka got onto the stage. That was the moment that I felt that it was really happening, that it wasn’t just a dream – and then he called out to us, mentioned the name of our country, and wow, just the thought of that is overwhelming.

The rest of the concert kind of went by in a blur. It felt like it happened to fast, honestly! I enjoyed every minute of it, though – I sang along to every song (I’ve been listening to nothing but OOR for the past few months, lol), put my hands up in the air and waved at Taka when he looked in our direction, and participated in jumping up and down or doing whatever Taka asked us to do (though I couldn’t keep up much, I kept running out of breath). It was the first time that I ever gave the best I could in participating in a concert. I just wish I could have let myself get a bit wilder (I felt like I had to control myself a bit since I had my sister, who isn’t really that much of a fan, with me. I felt like I couldn’t sing along to Memories as loudly as I wanted to, either. Ahahaha)

I never wanted the night to end, honestly, so I was partly depressed when it did. But mostly I was elated – especially when I logged onto Instagram when I got home and saw their posts about how much they loved us! I thought I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to anymore after the concert, but their positive response towards us made me believe in a part 2.



Question 8: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
To Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya – thank you for making the kind of music that saves people! I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that your music can change lives. I hope you could keep loving what you do, and that you keep doing what you do for the longest time – we will always be here to support you. And most of all, thank you so much for coming to the Philippines! <3We will wait for your return! ====================== How many stories will we see here some more? Stick around and stay tuned!!!! sign2


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