Denise’s ONE OK ROCK “moment”

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Hello world!

I’m Jillanie and you might have seen my story here few posts before this one. If not here, maybe on Autumn Sky, as part of the first wave fan interviews before the concert. I love reading fellow fans’ stories, especially the part how ONE OK ROCK changed their lives.You can say I love this place so much that I volunteered to contribute for Love of 10969. Thank you Mei, for this opportunity.

Today’s story is centered on Denise, who had a rare chance to score her “dream come true” moment with Taka-san. I could’ve had the same dream come true experience, but handed it to her instead hahaha. (Just kidding, Denise. You know I love you. 🙂 ) By the way I met Denise who was with her friend, Rox and sister Danielle, while waiting outside the Arena. We shared lots of fangirl moments that day and I suddenly wished I had a younger sister too. Until now, we still have late night talks about random things, why it hurts to be a fan girl, and how Taka-san’s new hairstyle really suits him. The list could go on! Now without further ado, here’s Denise and her story for you.


Question 1: When was the first time you heard ONE OK ROCK and how?
Around 2013? Answer Is Near was the first song because it was suggested on my YT page. (THANKS YOUTUBE HUHU)

Question 2: What is your favorite song and why?
This is so hard! 🙁 But if I have to choose one, it would be The Beginning. This song convinced me to be a complete fan. Before I was like, ‘oh their songs are good’ and all but I never really followed them till The Beginning. So you could say that song will always have a special place in my heart.

Question 3: Collecting any OOR Memorabilia? Which ones do you have?
Since I’m still new [fan] I don’t have any. (I did order 35xxxv DVD with the help of my good friend though) Haha but yeah, if the beach ball (idk if that’s how you call it haha) from the concert would be considered a memorabilia then I guess that? Hahaha. After the 35xxxv DVD, I’m planning to buy their MLF in Yokohama Stadium DVD next. I want to collect all their DVDs tbh! And of course, all their albums! I will get there! Lol

Question 4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?
HAHA! When I first found out about them I didn’t have a favourite. Then I started liking Toru. After getting to know them more ( through shows and interviews) Taka got my heart hahaha it’s cheesy but this is true. His voice, his antics, his personality and how humble he is (well all of them are humble) I guess you could also say because he’s handsome. I MEAN HE’S SUCH A CUTIEPIE AAAAHHHH (Sorry I got giddy) HAHA But seriously. That guy is just “heart emoticon”!

Question 5: Did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
In a way, I guess? I mean, their songs have substance and the mix of the English-Japanese lyrics is what really got me hooked. Also, their songs are about life, family, friendship and love so it’s really inspiring. Like, you have a One Ok Rock song for every situation in your life. There’s one for every mood. ie., I listen to Kimishidai Ressha when I’m down. HAHA.

Question 6: Have you watched them in their live performances before? Where and when? What are your expectations? How was yourticket selling dayexperience?

YES! MOA ARENA!!! JANUARY 19, 2016!!!!

Based on their live performances that I’ve seen I knew the con’s gonna be amazing! I mean, they’re so good live!!! Haha. On the first day of ticket selling, my friend and I rushed to the mall to make sure we get our desired tickets but ended up failing. We were aiming for VIP 2 but it was sold out when we got there! Same as VIP 1!! (Only an hour passed and it was sold out like SRSLY) So we planned on getting VIP seated instead but luck went to our side when VIP 1 got opened again and so!!!! Hello, Kampo de Ryota! Hehe.

The live was WAY WAY WAY ABOVE MY EXPECTATION!!! (I still get emotional whenever I think about it)

Toru, Tomoya and Ryota’s signatures on Denise’s planner.

Question 7: Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?
YES OMG!! So after the concert, we decided to head on to their hotel hoping we could meet them. We even changed our shirts so we won’t look like fangirls. Hahaha. And we played at the slot machines so we won’t be suspicious (it was fun though and I even won! haha) Then my sister told me that they were coming and ALL CHILL IS LOST actually but I tried my best to keep calm. Haha! Then here they are walking in front of us (I wanna cry really). As Taka walked by me I greeted him and he smiled (THE CUTEST SMILE EVER HUHU) then I asked him for a hug and he SMILED AGAIN WHILE EXTENDING HIS ARMS TO ME LIKE OHMYGOSH:((((( So WE HUGGED and then security came lol (a lot of fans were there so I guess security got tight and suddenly selfies weren’t allowed anymore) They all waved at us with smiles and so much cuteness while they walked so we decided to wait a lil bit longer. They ate at a restaurant and some fans actually went and ate there too! Haha. We’re just outside playing at the slot machines again when Tomo and Ryota went out for a smoke. So we waved again and signalled if we could have autographs and they agreed!! When Toru came out other fans were all around him and though we got close, we thought that we couldn’t get an autograph. My sister called him and he went back to sign our planners . I got to touch his soft hands. Now we got signs from Tomo, Ryota and Toru. We missed out on Taka because security got super tight since a lot of fans were there. (But we hugged so I guess that’s ok? Hahaha) Anyway. That sums up the wonderful night. IT WAS AMAZING REALLY.THE BEST!!!

I’m already saving up! HAHAHA! My dream is to watch them live in Japan. But I really hope they’ll come back here. So HOPEFULLY #OneOkRockLiveInManilaPart2 HAHAHA

Question 8: Got a message for ONE OK ROCK?

Dear One Ok Rock,
Thank you for creating beautiful music and sharing it to the world. Thank you for inspiring us through your lyrics that changed so many lives. People may ask me, why One Ok Rock? Why a band who sings in a different language? Well, all I can say is that music knows no language and as long as your music reaches my heart, I will continue to listen and support you. We OORers got your back no matter what! Good Luck on your new album! Come back here in Manila soon! Hehe. Thank you and I love you. <3


There you have it! My first post and I hope you like it. Expecting shoutouts here or via Twitter. Any more volunteers? Come on. This will be fun!



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