ONE OK ROCK and Elaine

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Hello world!!!

Yes, Mei will be playing with the hellos again since Konnichassu is pretty much my hello in Autumn Sky. We got loads of stories for you guys here in Love for 10969 and I hear some more stuff going on so hello to all this love. I really wonder how we can direct this site to ONE OK ROCK… how how how….

Anyway, for today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, we have here Elaine! Elaine is one of my followers in Twitter and I opted to interview her XDD. Her story is quite interesting so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
It was back when I was in 2nd year high school. Hahaha. Our SocSci teacher asked us to watch Rurouni Kenshin since we were studying Japanese History. Then at the end credits, The Beginning played, and I was so intrigued ’cause they didn’t sound Japanese at first AT ALL. And it was just love at first listen. Hahahaha. :)))

Did you research after hearing them?
Yes, I did! Cause they sounded so awesome that I didn’t want it to slip my mind. Hahaha.

Question 2: Favorite song?
Omg. It’s sooo hard to pick. Hahaha. But I guess for the ballads/slow songs, I’d have to pick Be The Light. Cause it hits right in the kokoro. Hahaha. And the message is just so inspiring. heart emoticon And for the others, I just can’t pick but I think the song that stands out the most for me is Yume Yume. I know, it’s kinda old (back when Alex was still in the band huhu) but it’s just so funky, and Toru’s rapping is sick af. Hahahaha. :)))

Question 3: Do you collect ONE OK ROCK merchandise?
DDDD: Huhuhuhu. Unfortunately…

Question 4: Who in ONE OK ROCK do you like/admire/love the most and why?
Taka ALL THE WAAAAY! He’s such a great vocalist. Like how in the world can he hit all the high notes while running back forth, head banging, and jumping, like, I don’t know, 5 feet high? He’s just so amazing, and when he sings the slow songs, he takes the lyrics to heart that the message (even though the language is Japanese) is conveyed to the listeners. *sigh* He’s just simply amazing. :))))))

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
I think they changed a lot of things in my life. First of all, my taste in music, cause to be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of all the headbanging and scream songs. I was more of a ballad person, but surprisingly ONE OK ROCK made it work out for me. heart emoticon Then, it may be cliché to hear but, LEGIT, their songs helped me through tough times. Like listening to their songs just makes everything feel better. And maybe one thing that they drastically changed because of ONE OK ROCK is my yearning to learn Japanese even more cause I really really REALLYYY want to be able to understand them in the same medium or sth like that. I think that’d be very awesome. :DD

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? Your journey to the 19th? Expectations? Your Ticket story!

^that is my reaction. Hahahaha.
No but kidding aside. I was SOOOOO EXCITED!!! So excited that I kept calling SM Tickets about the ticket. Hahahahaha. :)))) I was just so hyped cause before the concert, I was looking forward to hearing them live cause their live videos are just so FREAKING AWESOME and they sound so good!!! Their live performances sound just like the album versions!!! So there. Basically the ONE OK ROCK fan inside me just died of excitement. Hahahaha. :))))

Well the selling of tickets started on September 26, right? (it was so memorable that I still remember the date hahaha) I was in Pampanga that day, and I didn’t have any means to go to Manila. So I woke up at like 6am (which was soooo hard for me cause I usually wake up at 1 when there are no classes LOOOL) And I kept calling SM Tickets. Hahahaha. I think I called them about 5-10 times and they kept saying, “Mamayang 8am pa po.” But I was like… “NOOOOO.” Cause I didn’t want to run out of VIP 2 tickets. DD: Then when it was 7:55, I called again and they said, I should purchase it on their website, and I was like, “wtfwtfwtf where’s my laptop OMG OMG OMG OMG” And at the same time, my friend who went to MOA to buy tickets texted me that they already started selling tickets a while ago, so I was like, “ASDFALDJFL I HAVE TO DO THIS QUICK.” Then out of nowhere… MY LAPTOP FREAKING CRASHED!!!

I literally died. Like died. Loljk. Not really. But it was so frustrating that I thought I wouldn’t be able to buy VIP 2 tickets. cry emoticon
It was about 8:30 when it restarted and fortunately enough, I was able to get VIP 2 tickets. \o/ WEEEE~~~~

And it was rather tragic for my friend who lined up for the ticket cause she ran out of VIP 2 tickets. cry emoticon So we got separated.

Expectations before the Concert then?
It was my first concert ever so I don’t really know what to expect from the crowd, but I expected that ONE OK ROCK would deliver, and they really did! They were so good that listening to the studio versions of the songs after the concert will NEVER BE ENOUGH EVER AGAIN. HAHAHAHA.

Question 7: How was the concert for you?
It’s sooo loooong. Hahahaha.

Cause we had class before the concert, and we got lost finding which MRT to ride. HAHAHAHAHA. So when we got to MOA Arena, we were really exhausted and we weren’t able to eat and I thought I’d collapse in the middle of the concert (but maybe if I did the band would notice me. HAHAHA Just kidding)

So there, when we got inside, I got separated from my friend and ran straight to VIP 2. And since it was my first concert, I stood at the right side of the stage (which I REGRET ughhhh but at least Toru’s close enough hahaha). I was really disappointed cause when ONE OK ROCK started playing, there were only a few people going wild. cry emoticon I was so jealous of the people in the middle cause, and I wanted to go there but I didn’t know how. HAHAHA.
Anyway. Focusing on the band.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was so surreal. Like seeing them there right in front of me. Hearing them. Hearing Taka say, “You guys are fucking awesome.” and other stuff like that. It was just… *sigh* Hahahaha. I was so hyped – jumping and head banging – all throughout the concert that I forgot that I didn’t eat before the concert at all. And I was screaming the lyrics all throughout.

AND ASDKFA;DKFJ I WAS ABLE TO TOUCH TORU’S PICK WHEN HE THREW IT OUR WAY BUT IT FELL TO THE GROUND AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. And I was kinda disappointed that they sang the Deluxe Edition of the 35xxxv songs cause I was so prepared! Hahaha. Nonetheless, I still sang the songs in Japanese.

But when Toru brought out his acoustic guitar, I was like, “IS IT HEARTACHE ALREADY? :OOOO” And I was praying so hard that they would sing the Japanese version. So when Taka said, “We’re going to play a kind of slow song and sing it in Japanese,” I SCREAMED OUT LOUD LIKE, “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”

It was the same as when they played Wherever You Are. Specially after the crowd chanted, “We want more!” and Taka and Toru went out, and Taka said, “Do you want to sing (or was it stay?) with me more?” and we were like, “YEAH!” and he was like, “Me too.” My heart was all doki doki inside. Hahahaha.

And when Taka hit that high note before the last chorus… *0* I was just so speechless. I actually thought they would cut it there cause Toru stopped playing the guitar, and my heart sank a little cause I really wanted to hear the whole arena sing to the last chorus. Then Taka was like, heart emoticon to the crowd, and said, “Do you want to sing it with me?”
“Kokoro kara–”
It was heaven. Hahaha. I’ll never forget that moment when Taka put his hand on his chest as if taking in all our love, and Toru suddenly standing up after that chorus and giving all his feelings back to us by playing his guitar… I was a memorable moment. :’)

The rest of the songs I could only remember myself jumping and screaming and singing and giving it all I’ve got, and I remember the crowd doing that as well. And I don’t know if it’s just me but I really felt the band reciprocating that energy as well. It was just an amazing experience. But actually, when I was inside the area, I really couldn’t hear the audience at all (I could just see them singing along but not really hear) cause I was near the speakers, so I was just screaming my lungs out cause I thought the band wouldn’t be able to hear us. But when I saw the videos on YouTube… I was so surprised that WE WERE THAT FREAKING LOUD AND WILD! Like the part wherein we sang the back up vocals for the bridge of Cry Out and Taka asked us to jump, I didn’t know it sounded THAT LOUD.

Hahaha. I don’t want to make it much longer but. To summarize it, it was such an unforgettable experience, and I think it wasn’t just because of ONE OK ROCK being an amazing band, but also because of the people being amazing fans. It was amazing. :)))))

Question 8: Expectations for part 2?
I wanted to hear them sing a lot of songs! Well particularly Chaosmyth and Be The Light. I’m just excited to hear their new songs, and I hope we can really do the bow thing next time, or anything extraordinary that’ll make ONE OK ROCK happy. Hahahaha. :)))

Question 9: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
Thank you so much ONE OK ROCK for inspiring a lot of us with your music. You may not know it but you’ve already touched a lot of hearts with your songs. Keep on rocking and keep on chasing your dreams! We’re all here to support you! We love you guys!


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