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March love for each one of you!!! Mei and Jillanie are trying making this place huge but baby steps are a must before we make a big blast. Excited much? But of course! This is all for ONE OK ROCK! I wonder how much should be made before we could seek accreditation for this place… HMMMMM….

Anyway, for today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK, we will go to Hong Kong! YES! We finally have another foreign fan story after so long (Though I will have to retrace my other foreign interview that got buried in the pile). I asked my 14 year old HK friend Esther who is a good friend of mine in IG if she wants to be a part of the series. I even helped her send her letter to ONE OK ROCK when they were here in Manila and we’ved chatted for quite some time now. Considering her follower count in IG and her posts, best get her story right? Here is her answers to our series!!!


First time you heard about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?
The first time was in June 17, 2015 and it was the song “The Beginning”.

Favorite song?
Um… I can’t choose which is my favorite coz i love them all. Though let me list out some songs: The Beginning, Mighty Long Fall, Deeper Deeper, Cry Out, Wherever You Are, Let’s Take it Someday, Clock Strikes, 世間知らずの宇宙飛行士, Liar, Ending Story, Be the Light and 光芒

Collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise?
Sure! CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, Wristbands, Jacket, Shoes, Bag, Towels, Key Chains, Postcards, Photobooks (Primal Footmark), Magazines, Stickers

Favorite band member and why?
Toru because of his character and everything!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
Yes! They really changed my life. Without them, my life would have been tedious. Plus, they really give me so much power and gave me many friends around the world.

Have you watched ONE OK ROCK Live before?
Yes, Hong Kong, January 14, 2016 (35XXXV Asia Tour: Hong Kong Leg)

How was the live experience for you?

Before the live, I heard the sound of Tomoya’s drums inside the hall and I got really excited because this was my first time to meet them!!! Before I went to the live, I had to study because I had an exam after the live. The live was just amazing. They were so close!! And Toru looked at me a couple of times. I also saw a big smile from Ryota and Taka was jumping around on the stage. Hahaha! We also met them outside the car park after the live, but it was quite far away from them because we couldn’t go inside. Fortunately, they saw us and waved their hands.

Will you watch them live again? Where next do you wish to watch ONE OK ROCK?
Definitely! I wanna meet them in Japan!!

Message to ONE OK ROCK!


ONE OK ROCK world domination is clear! Now, where will we take you next?



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