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Still inventing new hellos for you guys here in Love for 10969 to keep the banner crackin! We have quite a lot of stories to write and I think we made two months quota already! LOL, Tis a testament that this site will be huge and I do hope ONE OK ROCK does see it in the future!

Now, for Fans on ONE OK Rock, we take a little gander in Von’s story. I met Von… hmm, well I am not so sure if I did meet this online user on Twitter or on Facebook but if memory serves me, it was in Twitter using an alias account (Yes, I remember this detail very much). An avid follower and often calls me a night owl (which I am), I opted to ask if this follower will take a leap of faith and join in the fun for Love for 10969, here is how it went!


When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?
– A friend introduced them to me last year, but I didn’t give them a chance right away. They look like into punk music, not that I don’t like punk, but there are a lot of punk rock bands out there who don’t sound good. I thought they were one of those. Days later, I was darn bored so I loitered on YouTube. I don’t know but out of nowhere I typed “1 Okay Rock” (lol), I randomly picked Deeper Deeper live at the Y.Stadium. It didn’t play right away so I went to a different site. While browsing, I heard a good beat and rhythm of drums and bass then an orchestrated clap and finally a guy clearing his throat and smoothly cried a growl. And it’s how it all began.

Favorite song and why?
– Kagerou. Whenever I listen to this song, pictures of meadows in summer flash on my mind. Everything appears to be bright, colorful and delightful. It brings such kind of joy in my heart. I am as well puzzled to what this song mean. I don’t want to check the English translation because I want to unriddle the story behind it by myself.

Do you own any merch that is ONE OK ROCK?
– No. I don’t own any yet. But definitely I am going to have some this year. Yay! *cheers *cheers *kanpai

Which one are you planning to get first?
– I am going to get copies of my favorite albums, especially Zeitakubyou and DVDs. Then Tomo’s drumsticks, OOR guitar picks and maybe autographed items too.

Who in ONE OK ROCK do you like/love/admire the most?
– I love all of them. Tomoya is an epitome of a cheerful human being and I could sense a living wisdom in him. But, I have to say, Toru. He speaks less. He is elusive. When he starts to strum his guitar, he starts to wander. I like how odd he is, like a piece of art that’s hard to fathom.

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life? How?
– Somehow, I think. Having listened to most of their songs, I was reminded that music is a preference. Since their music is personal, it has become my sound track; reminding me of my bright childhood and living up to my age. Enjoy music and do not be too critical is what they indirectly taught me.

What was your reaction when the band announced they will come to this country? Your journey to the tickets and all that lols.
– I saw the announcement on Twitter. I first glanced at the word ASIA, so I immediately searched for PH and bam, I jumped for the sake of gladness. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get VIP1/2 + M&G tickets,or even the pulp royalty. Those tickets sold like hotcakes. I went for the consolation, VIP 3 then haha. But it was a fun ride, including the long wait and great excitement to see them live.

Expectations before the concert?
– For them to show up! lol That they are going to include Fight The Night and Liar in the set list.

Your January 19 Experience
– It was an unforgettable moment. I think people were just so thirsty, hungry and starving for ONE OK ROCK. More than the fun, it was also one enchanting night to celebrate their music. Musically, they were just so astounding. Each played their individual piece to form such “rocking” music live. I give my full respect to Tomoya for that one hell energy and talent in playing the drums making it splash with much spirit; to Ryota who passionately strummed the 4-stringed bass guitar contributing a harmonious sound to the other instruments; to Toru who had his own world and wonderfully executed such magnifying electric sound; and to Taka who probably has the best voice of a man could have. Props to the crowd, described by Taka as beautiful, who sang every single lyric and was left speechless that it took them minutes to rise from their seats after the concert.

What will you expect in Part 2?
– Heavier rock. More jumping and louder crowd. Do the Deeper clap. Though I appreciate when the crowd sings along with Taka, maybe we can exclude Heartache & Wherever You Are. Let’s leave it to Taka, let him serenade us and devour the moment, except when he asks us to do so. haha

Message to ONE OK ROCK?
– I want them to have the freedom to write and tune their sound. Because some fans, including me hehe, sometimes get a little know-it-all and dictate the band. I want OOR to define and remain true to their roots and music. I’d be happy to see them notch up their dreams as musicians. Apart from that, I’d be more happy to know that they get to live their lives merrily and fulfilled as human beings.

That I stand still with OOR for as long as their music plays on my mind and heart, and flows in my veins. There is nothing but ONE OK ROCK for me, is there? Rock!


Von makes a good point here. Will ONE OK ROCK live on with you for all time?

More stories coming your waaaaay!!! We’re very busy I have to say!


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    Fans’ stories are going to temporarily give friendly comfort and lighten up everyone’s gloomy heart.
    Until we see ONE OK ROCK again, and rejoice for that moment.

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