Admin Sally’s Love for 10969

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So I got to interview Admin Sally (of Sato Takeru Philippines) for Love for 10969! She introduced herself to me as a super avid fan of Satoh Takeru, but she didn’t mention being a super avid fan of OOR… Hmmm. The answers you gave me don’t sound like you’re merely an OOR “fan”, Admin Sally! Your flails, the pre-ordered merch and sleepless nights are trying to tell me something… 😉 You are not a “hardcore” fan!

I promise to look for you on PART 2!


Q1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them?

I first heard about ONE OK ROCK when I watched Rurouni Kenshin 2012 live-action movie. When Taka sang The Beginning, I really flailed and while pulling my friend I kept on saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What a good song it is! It really brought so much feels to the movie. A really perfect theme song in the end. After that, I searched about the band and that’s how the OOR bug bit me and turned me into a fan. 😀 They’re the first Japanese band that I’ve listened to.

Q2: What is your favorite ONE OK ROCK song and why?

It’s really hard to pick one song coz they have a lot of great songs from different albums. I have 3 fave songs: First, The Beginning. The song is so memorable, my knees got weak when I first heard it inside the cinema. Lol! Second is Be the Light. It’s a very emotional, very meaningful song. There was a lump in my throat and I can’t stop myself from crying while watching the music video. Third is Mighty Long Fall. I always look back at the fond memories of the Kenshin Manila event whenever I hear the song because it’s the theme song.

Q3: Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have? If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?

Yes, my first OOR merch are the Makuhari Messe Triangle T-shirt and beanie that I bought on the day of the Manila concert last Jan. 19, 2016. I’m currently waiting for some merchandise that I ordered online to be delivered soon. I ordered 4 official T-shirts, a baller, stickers, and Primal Footmark. I’m now a pauper… but a happy fangirl!! Hahaha! Now, I’m trying to save money to buy their DVDs.

Q4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

Taka is my favorite ONE OK ROCK member. He totally makes me swoon when I hear his voice. His voice is so beautiful, it’s such a treasure. He’s a superb performer too, especially onstage. And then there is his quirkiness. He never fails to make me laugh aside from Ryota. He’s charming, amusing, and a “bad boy” with a good heart. That’s why I love Taka… but I love the others too.

Q5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

ONE OK ROCK changed my life because my life will be darn boring without good music and I listen to them more than I listen to any other singers or bands. Their songs give me inspiration. Their songs lift me up when I feel down and sad. It brings a smile to my face or it would make me go crazy, just head bang and forget the troubles.

Q6: What was your reaction when you found out ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? How was your journey to the 19th? Any expectations? What was your Ticket story?

I was surprised when I found out that ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines. Like most of the fans, I waited and waited but then deep inside me I didn’t lose hope. Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers and Amuse Philippines have worked so hard with the petitions in trying to bring them to our country. So, I’m happy that finally, it paid off! We made it! I woke up early and went to SM Lanang Premier early aiming to be the first in line to buy the concert tickets and yipee I was the first! I successfully purchased a VIP 2 ticket! I felt like an Olympics winner hahaha! I got excited to go to Manila with my fellow Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers Davao group. There were nights when I had a hard time sleeping out of excitement. Everything went smoothly during my travel and stay in Manila.

Admin Sally held the banner proudly with her friend Aui

Q7: How was the concert?

The concert was beyond my expectations! All the tiredness of my body and mind while waiting for so long in line the whole day was very much compensated by my first ever foreign concert experience. Luckily, I was in front of the barricade at the side of the center stage of the VIP 2 area. I can see Taka clearly!!! I squealed with happiness when I saw him onstage! I felt so silly for blushing every time he’s in front of me. When our eyes met, I thought I turned red and my knees got weak. Finally, I saw him in person. Finally, I heard him sing live! His voice was just like in the music videos… even better! I drifted into a dream-like state while listening to his voice and looking at him. <3 Ryota was so cool in playing the bass. Tomoya’s performance was powerful, and Toru is a hot guitar king! I was singing and head banging together with the other fans. All of them are handsome and very talented. It’s truly a wonderful experience. I went back to the hotel with a hoarse voice and so worn-out like I’m the one who had a concert. Nyahaha!:D

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Inside Kampo de Toru now!

Q8: Are you looking forward to Part 2? What are your expectations?

I’M DEFINITELY LOOKING FORWARD to their next concert. Taka promised it, Amuse Asia also said it. I’m holding on to their promise and I’ll get ready for another terrific experience. <3 I expect it to have more audience, louder, and more fun. I hope I will get a Royalty ticket and I hope they will let the fans have more time with ONE OK ROCK and will be able to hug them just like in their other meet and greet events.

Q9: Any message to ONE OK ROCK (just in case they get to read this interview)?

My message to ONE OK ROCK: Thank you for bringing great music into my life. Seeing you guys and hearing you live at the concert last January 19, 2016 was a dream come true! It was pure joy! I really enjoyed your performance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please come back Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya. I’m very excited to see all of you again. I hope you will be able to have a longer stay in the Philippines next time.


We all want PR for Part 2. So please come back, OOR. We are so ready for you!



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