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Mei is here for the April edition of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews/The Series! You know i am enjoying this little project and I do hope and pray that we get more love in the future. Of course, I never expected this will pop into existence like this. I should make an anniversary to commemorate the first interviews. (Puts idea on a planner).

For this update of Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, we get the story of April! April is a member from the Philippines ONE OK ROCKers and one of the few who agreed to be part of this big project! I was able to get her answers so check it down below!!!!

You can follow her in Instagram at @eyprilklaris ^^v More friends for you guys ONE OK ROCKers~!!!


Question 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and how?
I first heard about OOR through my classmate when I was in 4th year. That was 2 years ago. (I don’t exactly remember the date tho lol) Their song ‘Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer’ was used as a background music at an anime music video (Kuroko no Basket) and thus, I started as an OORer.

Question 2: Favorite song?
My fave song of them is absolutely ‘Jibun Rock.’ It’s just so energetic and so funny (referring to the MV) but the lyrics somewhat affected me. I think I can relate to this song.

Question 3: Do you collect ONE OK ROCK merchandise?
I do not have one yet! Haha. I plan to buy soon! (Being a student is really hard when you become a fangirl lol). I want to buy physical DVDs and CDs in particular.

Question 4: Who in ONE OK ROCK do you like/admire/love the most and why?
My favorite member is Tomoya Kanki! (Sidenote: closing in is Ryota lol but I love them all) His smile and energy is soooooo adorable. Whenever I see pictures of him, I cannot help but smile wide as well. He’s so contagious! But aside from that, his drumming skills (which pulled me towards loving OOR) are superb! And despite being the oldest in the band, he’s still cute! He’s even mature enough to handle Taka’s and Toru’s bullying. Haha.

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
Yes. They gave me inspiration to go on to life. (Not that I am suicidal, though) Their songs gave me, let’s just say, a new life to look forward to. They changed my view about life since most of their Zankyou Reference and Niche Syndrome songs gave off that vibe that “hey! You should go on. Be yourself because the answer that you are looking for is inside of you.” I learned self-worth (since I am not that confident before). I learned a lot from this band.

Question 6: Reactions when ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? Your journey to the 19th? Expectations? Your Ticket story!
When Amuse Asia announced about the Asian Tour, I was more than excited and giddy! I even shouted at our house (which earned weird looks from my family). But hey, I was super duper happy to know that they will visit the Philippines!

Day of the ticket selling, I had Saturday classes so I wasn’t able to go to the nearest SM tickets. I was only able to purchase a couple of hours after the opening time. I was really sad during class since I originally planned to buy a VIP ticket but the good seats (beside the stage) were sold out already. When I reached the place, I practically ran towards the place. Haha. But hey, I was able to purchase a seat at Lowerbox A, seat B-14 (and mind you, that was the only seat left at that row, so I guess, lucky?).

Tbh, I expected less about the concert (despite being soooooo excited about it) since 35xxxv is not really my favorite album. But I thought to myself that seeing and hearing them live was enough and amazing in its own right.

Question 7: How was the concert for you?
The concert experience was AMAZING. It was my first concert ever and they exceeded my very expectations. They sound amazing live. Their presence is absolutely powerful. My heart was pounding so loud when I heard their first tune and drum beats. I still have chills whenever I recall the very feeling of that moment.

I shouted Tomoya’s name whenever I had a chance ;D Hahaha. And when he shouted ‘mahal kita!’ at the last part, my night (and year, perhaps) is sooooo complete.

I felt amazing when Taka said that they will definitely come back. I am looking forward to it (I know all of us do).

I felt proud about the Filipino fans. Despite the bad points (which we shall keep to ourselves and ponder about it), I really am proud to be a part of the crowd who gave OOR the first taste of the Philippines. Kudos, everyone!

You can also visit this link to see her Tumblr post about the concert

Question 8: What is your message for ONE OK ROCK if they get the chance to see this interview?
I would like to keep this short. Thank you so much, ONE OK ROCK, for bringing your good music to the world. Keep on doing what you love and I will support you forever. Mahal ko kayo (I love you all) and that will never change. You guys are my inspiration, so, thank you so much. I look forward on seeing you again (hopefully a meet and greet)! I love you guys!


What will April bring to Love for 10969? The opportunities are endless and thats just fine by me!



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