Kyla Loves ONE OK ROCK!

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Hello Manila!

Love for 10969 is in the PH today for Kyla’s #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila experience. 19-year old Kyla hails from Davao City and is a Sato Takeru fan like me as well! It came as a surprise though, since I only see her OOR tweets on my feed. Obviously, we met on Twitter because of a random convo about MFS and Taka-san’s otouto Hiro. Then the rest I guess, is history. I so love our Tweets about Feldy and the US. It sure brings comfort to share the same thoughts about stuff like these.

Now, here is Kyla’s OOR love story.


Q1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them? 🙂

I found out about them when I watched Rurouni Kenshin last 2014. It actually started as a Takeru obsession, just that. Lol. After hearing The Beginning, I was like “hmm I guess they sound okay.”

It wasn’t totally love at first hear. But I got really interested because the vocalist, which I didn’t know who back then, had a really good English diction. I started searching for their songs and then I found myself falling in love with them (So cheesy hahahaha). So from that point, after I listened to some of their singles, I started to search for their names and the rest is history.

Q2: What is your favorite ONE OK ROCK song and why?

Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite but if I had to pick a song that’s special to me, it is Notes n’ Words. When I first heard this song it was a breath of fresh air from the typical rock they are playing. Not to mention Taka’s sweet voice really shined here. This song just makes me want to fall in love and forget all the worries in the world.

Q3: Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have? If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?

So far I only have one OOR shirt from the con haha! My allowance is not enough to buy merch so even if I want to collect, I can’t haha. If I had or if I have the money, I’m gonna start with their old albums particularly Zeitakubyo or Niche Syndrome.

Q4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

My favorite member is Toru! When I first got into OOR he was the member that I was drawn to the most because of his looks (obviously). Personally, I really like guys who play the guitar so Toru was the obvious choice of being my bias. During the getting-to-know-the-band stage, I got to know him as a member of the band and as a leader. Eventually my love grew for him (I am so cheesy huhuhu). The way he smiles, the way he talks, the way he laughs, everything! I can’t really put into words how I love him. It’s cheesy but what can I do. Hahahaha

Q5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

ONE OK ROCK has changed me in a way. For the first time in my life, I saved like crazy just to attend their concert. I had to save double since I don’t live in Manila. I had to pay for plane tickets just to see them. Although I’m a person who normally sets aside money for savings, I REALLY LEARNED TO SAVE HARD WHEN I DECIDED TO SEE THEM. Haha! It was also my first time leaving somewhere very far away without my parents, so in a way, they taught me how to be independent. Aside from that, nothing much has changed, since even before I got into them I was already a fan girl, except that I got a little crazier as a fan!

Q6: What was your reaction when you found out ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? How was your journey to the 19th? What were your expectations? What was your Ticket story?

When I found out about the concert, I was literally shaking and my hands felt cold. The first thing that came into my mind is my savings lol I haven’t saved much at that time so I was pretty much in despair. Fortunately, I was able to save enough for a VIP ticket before the ticket selling day. The ticket selling day was probably one of the most intense days of my life LOL I went to the mall 30 minutes before opening time, so when the mall opened, me and my friend ran as hard as we could to the cinema only to find out that the cashier wasn’t there yet!! We panicked because we were afraid that the tickets might sell out fast. I ALMOST WENT CRAZY BECAUSE IT TOOK HER 15 MINUTES TO GET INTO HER POSITION IN THE CASH REGISTER OMG. SHE WAS ALSO SUPER SLOW I ALMOST LOST MY SH*T HAHAHA. When I received my ticket, I couldn’t believe that I was really going to attend their concert. I wasn’t even sure yet if I can really attend, considering I haven’t bought plane tickets at that time. But in the end I got to attend and I didn’t regret every single day that I had to abstain just to save for tickets.

Kyla is on Kampo de Toru!

Since the announcement I counted how many days were left before D-DAY. I look forward to every day that passed because it meant a day closer to the concert day. Sometimes, I’d find myself thinking, “Am I really going to attend their concert?” I really can’t believe it myself. As the days to the con drew closer, the demands of schoolwork also grew but the thought of OOR kept me going. Fast forward to the night before D-Day, while we were waiting for our flight, that’s when it hit me that I was gonna see them. I wanted to scream at everyone at that time hahahaha I was really happy I was on my way to see them.

Q7: How was the concert?

As for the concert experience, it was my first time attending a major concert so it was really a special moment for me. My friend and I lined up on the venue 9 hours before the gates opened. It was insane. It was the first time I’ve waited for something that long. But it was all worth the wait. The first few seconds of 3xxxv5 got my heart beating so fast. When Tomoya and Ryota started playing, I lost it. I lost it even more when Toru appeared on stage. I practically died *face with tears of joy*

My favorite part was during Wherever You Are. I was amazed and very proud of the crowd. We knew every lyric to the song. Taka’s smile proved that we did great. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. It is too hard to express in words how awesome and perfect they are, really. I am so glad we were given the opportunity to see them live in our country.

Q8: Are you looking forward to Part 2? What are your expectations?

CERTAINLY LOOKING FORWARD AND EXPECTING PART 2. I’m sure we’re still going to see their flawless performances and they will still get our heart racing.

Q9: Message for ONE OK ROCK?

ONE OK ROCK! Thank you for coming into my life and playing as an inspiration to me. I hope you continue to make good music. I also hope that you will always remember where you came from and stay humble. To more years of ONE OK ROCKING! I love you guys so much!

PS: We want you back in Japan. Now. Haha.

Love, Kyla


The postscript sounded like a petition. Where do I sign?



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