ONE OK ROCK Fan History from Margot

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Busy busy Mei means many many stories for you lot. PCD will never end and ONE OK ROCK love will never end in Love for 10969. I think our quota is pretty much full for the next few weeks but it will never stop. NEVER!!!!

Margot is our featured fan for Fans on ONE OK ROCK and tis cool we’re getting much love from the Twitterverse! I met her through there and she is one of my followers. I asked if she wants her story heard and she agreed. I interviewed her and this is how it all went!


When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song? What did you do when you first heard them?
– ok… so I’m actually an otaku. And I’m mostly listening to jpop/jrock… and in fb I joined different otaku groups. One time there’s some questions in that group about different jrock bands. One of the options was ONE OK ROCK. So tried it. The first song I tried is “THE BEGINNING.” And when I heard it.. I don’t know but it feels good. I mean I’ve liked that first song I hear from One Ok Rock. And from that moment… that’s also THE BEGINNING of being a fan of ONE OK ROCK. After that I downloaded their songs and I always listen to it.

Favorite song and why?
– ‘The Beginning’. Because that is the first song I’ve heard, it’s really good and that’s the song that made me a One Ok Rock fan/addict… Heartache– because that song is really from the heart and we can really relate from it. I cried in that song when I heard it on their concert here(from videos). I didn’t got the chance to see them live and that’s what I felt( heartache Do you collect merch of ONE OK ROCK and which ones did you get? If you haven’t, which one will you purchase first if given the chance?
– I haven’t bought merch yet because I don’t know where to buy but I really want to and I’m planning to buy shirts with OOR designs, of course I want their albums! It can also be lanyards, pins, or keychains. As long as it has an OOR design, I’m willing to buy it and save for it!

Who is your favorite member in ONE OK ROCK and why?
– I love every member because each one of them had a very nice talent and each one of them are the ones who build up ONE OK ROCK…

Takahiro Morita— First time I heard his voice, I am really amazed and in love with it! heart emoticon And he also handsome….

Ryota Kohama— He is the bassist of the band. I’m also amazed to his talent.

Tomoya Kanki— He is really cute and a very good drummer! Mostly the drummer aren’t appreciated but I really love Tomo! And last but not the least, leader-san, Yamashita Toru-sama!!~

Actually if asking for the only one favorite member… It would be Toru-sama! I really love guitarists and he is really good at it! He is also really handsome and hot haha. And ONE OK ROCK wouldn’t be made without him~ It all started from him.

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life and how?
– yes. It made me realize different aspects in my life. And made me express my feelings easier… Example, like their song ‘Heartache’ it really describes how I felt when I didn’t got the chance to see them live. And many other songs, that I can relate to.

Reaction when the announcement that they will come here reached you?
– I’m actually waiting and hoping for that, and… Taka actually did it! I am really happy and I’m nearly crying XD I wish I can really go to the next concert! No, I MUST really go! I’m dying to see them! Planning on saving already~

Message for ONE OK ROCK?
– Uhmmm ONE OK ROCK daisukiii!!~ I’m dying to see all of you! And I’m really thankful that I got to know you guys!! I just love your music and this is the first band that I got really addicted too. heart emoticon So Somedayyy for sure I’ll be able to attend to your concerts~ And I can’t wait for that!! kiki emoticon ARIGATOU~


So Manila, are you already counting back the days till the boys announce their return to Manila? Hope you are!



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