Sharin the ONE OK ROCK Love

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Love for 10969 is growing very well and I am very happy to say I am lovin it! Hopefully by the end of this year we will be seeing five figures on the counters! I shall work hard for this! HARD!!

Today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK feature is Sharon. I met Sharon through Twitter and is one of the very few active ones who post using the hashtag. I answered some of her tweets mostly about the tickets – and is one of my Twitter followers now. I got in touch with her and here is her story.


When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?
– Rurouni Kenshin 2 – Mighty Long Fall

Did you research them after you heard them first?
-I did so after Rurouni Kenshin 3. I was curious who they were and why this group did the soundtrack for all three movies. I’m so hooked in Heartache that I was searching for it in YT for any MV but unfortunately none is available. I realised it will be in the upcoming album. I then started comparing all three songs used in RK and while I prefer MLF, I changed my mind when I saw the live performances. I was so amased with The Beginning and the headbanging bits at the end. Woah, that’s f-kin rock. So, I started to look for other songs.

Ultimate favorite song and why?
– I can say Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. I don’t know it’s really make me go crazy everytime I hear this song

Do you collect any merch showing your ONE OK ROCK love? What is your current holy grail?
– oh hmmm I just recently became a fan, so as now I only starting to look for a merch….I have the PULP magazine, bought a official OOR shirt & some other stuff I won in an unofficial OOR events like posters, ID lanyard, pin button, face mask hehehe

Who in ONE OK ROCK is your ultimate favorite and why him?
– oh my gosh, just like everyone else Taka….because you usually have your eyes on the vocalist that’s because he has all this camera focus on him but then when I saw this one song in concert Clock Strikes, there’s this shot at the end of the song it closes up on Toru. Toru got my attention there…. & ofcourse seeing Toru in person….wow how hot he is. it’s probably 60% Toru, 40% Taka.

How has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
– hmmm probably based on one of their song “live as if you’d die today” do what you can do today. I have issue w/my sis before & we both love rock, hearing this part of their song, we became sister love again.

Now, tell me about your January 19 story. your reaction when they announced they will go to Manila. tickets and all the drama

– oh my gosh, I’m so trying to contain myself because when I heard it, I was in the office, I can’t scream out….pilit na kilig syet ang hirap. someone notice me actually & ask why, & so I burst into happiness…so thankful & I was already thinking how much is the ticket & started computing how much should I spend everyday, even though there isn’t any announcement yet for ticket price. I assume only that it might be this…that… when I heard how much is the PR I was actually thinking twice if I’ll get it or not….& majority wins says to me No & I regret it frown emoticon they say comparing the VIP standing to PR is a big diff in amount. so I’ll just say no matter what I’ll get that VIP standing 1 or 2.

when I got into SM at exactly 10am, there is a long line already for the ticket. good thing they separate the line for the concert tix & movie tix. I think I was on the 6th line for concert tix & I’m sure of all those are for OOR tix. one 1 guy bought I think for UAAP grin emoticon. I was planning on getting the VIP 1 because I think VIP 2 would be easily sold out, so I checked w/the cashier if she could check which is ticket gets higher demand. she said it’s VIP 2, so I go for VIP 1, then when she punch it, she said it’s sold out & I was actually shock & so everyone else in the back line grin emoticon

they panicked hahaha so I bought the VIP 2 & I heard after 20mins VIP 1 & 2 SOLD OUT. even the cashier is actually shocked. yup so that’s how my reaction until I got my ticket in my hands.

What were your expectations prior to the concert?
– well by the looks of all those who bought tickets & on the active in the fb oor page, it’ll be majority girls will be there, that’s one another is it scare me for a possibility of crowd surfing which I’m not really ok at. I’m ok with mosh pit, & if ever I would like to join in it & experience it.

Song and performance wise?
– song well I expect it’ll be from 35XXXV Deluxe
performance well yeah, headbanging & screamo which it really happen
that it’ll be fun no matter what

What was your January 19 experience? Did it break all your expectations?
– okay – it was one concert I couldn’t forget, it’s my first time watching in the VIP standing, which I always wish to myself if I’ll go see a concert (didn’t happen when I see Linkin Park). I have asthma but that didn’t stop me from choosing the VIP standing because i really wanted to experience them up close. As expected from watching of their past concerts, everything happen on that night, esp the old song clock strikes, heartache, wherever your, the beginning, no scared, mighty long fall & kanzen kankaku dreamer. What Taka & the other did (routine) so happy to see it live & up close. Plus i met a lot of nice OORer….I went alone but got to meet some ÓORer who’s alone as well

What are you hoping to hear and see in Part 2?
– Hoping for much longer setlist, more old songs, hope to hear each member have their moment to speak ehehhe

What is your message to ONE OK ROCK?
– I wanted to say to have a balance life, try to enjoy life as much as they are still young… Take care of themselves and remain humble. Of course thanks, they inspire a lot of people through their songs..and they keep on people believing in their dreams


We all want what is the best for our favorite band and hopefully, they do listen to us fans of theirs! Going foreign we are next week!!!



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