Mai’s ONE OK ROCK journey

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I am on happy tears because we’re currently reaching some of the marks I have for Love for 10969 and we are still going strong! 2016, you are one heck of a year for me and for ONE OK ROCK! Cheers to more stories!

Manila is still on the hotseat this week and we go take a gander in the story of Mai. I met Mai as she was a PULP Royal for ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. She also headed one of our projects for the boys and we do hope we did impress them. I was really intending to ask Mai after the concert as part of my post-event coverage, but given the time and her story, I opted to interview her for Love for 10969.

So, how did Mai get into the ONE OK ROCK mania? Her answers were in Filipino, so down below is the translated version!


When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song is it?
I was watching some fanmade videos of Arashi, then one Arashi fan used the song “C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h” for his video. That was around November 2014.

Did you immediately research about them when you heard them?

No. I liked Chaosmyth when I heard it but i didn’t put in effort to know them. It was only when Pamzkie Pam posted a picture of Taka during the concert, I find him cute but I don’t who he is so I searched Google and then found out that he’s the vocalist of One Ok rock so that’s the beginning. Lol.

What is your favorite from the band and why?
Chaosmyth I guess. It was the first song I heard from them.

For ultimate fave, Chaosmyth and Yes I am. The song Yes I am is a feel good song.

Now, for every fan, they collect merch of their favorite artist. For you, do you have your collection of ONE OK ROCK stuff?
Not really. I only merch that I can use to their concert like shirts, towel and baller.

Who in ONE OK ROCK do you love/like/adore the most and why?
Hahaha! Taka!! He’s the reason why I became a fan. I love his voice so much! It’s so serene and sweet. Every time he sings, you can feel the message of the song. You can feel the song when he sings. Even if he just reaches a high note, you can feel the serenity of the song and his voice. He is also quite handsome which is a plus factor for me. He is so cute and adorable!

How has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?
I guess sort of. Well, because of them, I push myself to my limit. As you know, we both work online (yes, Mei actually works online most of the time). Sometimes, workload is not stable. When they announced their 35xxxv Japan Tour, I made sure I can fund my travel and my concert ticket by working harder than usual.

Reaction when January 19 will be the day they will come to the country?

Of course, I was excited but I wasn’t expecting it since they never mentioned the Philippines before. I was so surprised when we’re included in the Asian Tour. Of course, I also felt thankful to PULP Live World and POOR for making it happen!

Can you tell me how your ticket story went? All the drama and shiz?
For PULP Royalty? Haha, I was just vigilant. I was monitoring Sir Vernon’s Twitter for announcement and updates about PR. They told people to mail Butler that Friday afternoon and when I received the e-mail confirmation, I called their office to know more about the payment methods. But, my friends and I decided to head over to their office. Good thing, only a few people thought of going to the office because if there was, I might not be able to reach PR.

Expectations in the Manila concert because you have seen the Japanese live
Well, I was expecting crazy crowd and my body to be butchered. In Japan, I felt like i was going to die due to the pushing even though it was really fun. Taka was the one initiating crowd participations like the Wall of Death. Unfortunately it wasn’t done here. I guess, its because most of the VIP standing concerts here are girls. In Japan, most of the concert goers in the standing crowd are guys so its really crazy.

Tell me then, your January 19 experience
January 19 is one of the best days of my life! Through the Pulp Royalty package, I got to touch them and see them face to face. Though I was a little disappointed since I wasn’t able to talk to Taka, I was too shy so I talked to Toru instead.. Up to this day, I still regret not having a moment with Taka.

The concert experience is a treasure! Taka is always in front me! I was so close to the stage that I always spot myself on different 35XXXV Manila fancams on Youtube. I enjoyed every moment and every song of the concert. I enjoyed every minute of the concert,but there’s a certain moment which can supply my daily happiness until the year ends! LOL. My most favorite part was the moment where Taka asked the audience to sing with him during Wherever You Are. While singing, I was staring at Taka and his smile was genuine when he heard the audience sang the lyrics perfectly. I saw Taka’s smile in HD and I will not forget that smile! All in all, its a concert to remember. Which made me fall for the boys even more. It was also fun to chant with the rest the names of Toru, Tomoya and Ryota during the instrumental part. They obviously loved it. I think, we’re sort of one of their favorite concerts. We are loud, we made sure they feel our love and we are definitely different. I can’t wait for the next concert in our country!!

Mai with her friends in the PULP Royalty group!

How does the Manila crowd differ to the Japanese crowd?

Basing from my experience, I think there’s a huge difference between the Manila crowd and the Japanese crowd. Japanese crowd enjoys every minute of the concert. Everyone was just moshing and jumping around, it was like a big party. I went to the concert solo but I never felt alone during the concert, I mingled with the crowd and everyone was just having fun. On the other hand, I think Manila concert is more of a me time for the concert goers. Instead of interacting with other fans in the crowd during the concert, they focus more on the artist. I find some people a little inconsiderate, smartphone and cameras are everywhere, some of them block the view of the ones at the back. But other than that, the concert in Manila is really great! One thing that surely made Manila stand out is that we sing along to ALL of their songs! Lol. We literally sang all the songs with them. The crowd was so loud that there was a time I can’t hear Taka clearly. In Japan, they don’t sing along unless it was needed, like in Clock Strikes and Answer is Near. When Taka sang Heartache in Japan, we all fell silent and just listened to him sing. Because it was too silent in Japanese lives, if you shout, you will be heard. Because it was too noisy in the Manila crowd, you can’t hear the singer. Nonetheless, Haha. Both concerts are enjoyable in different ways!

expectations for part 2
I feel like we have given the boys the best experience already and I have no idea how we can top that next time. I guess, hopefully we can do the wall of death next time. I expect more concert goers next time and hopefully tickets would be sold out. I also expect more oor-fan interaction on the meet and greet, hopefully next time there would be ample time for everyone to have their moment with the boys. grin emoticon

When and where are you likely to go see them next?
It has been my yearly tradition to visit Japan every November-December. Last time I was there they had a gig in the same city I was visiting. So I am hoping to see them again this coming November, hopefully they will have a scheduled gig in Japan this coming November.

Message to ONE OK ROCK
Hello boys! Thank you so much for everything! You probably have no idea I exist, but you are a huge part of my life! Taka bi I love you!! I should have said it when we met. Toru you’re so perfect I hope you find a perfect girlfriend! Tomoya sorry I didn’t pay much attention to you during the meet and greet, Ryota!! Sorry for coming back to pinch your arms! Thank you for just laughing and smiling after I did it. Loveyoubebeboys!!


How far will you go for ONE OK ROCK? I know I’d do the same and jump around the world to see them… If money only grows on trees… Sigh.



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