Indonesia, Japan, Manila for ONE OK ROCK

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Well, we’re keeping the ball rollin for international stories here in Love for 10969 and I know you guys are waiting for these voices to be heard! I actually enjoy reading these interviews, especially meeting new friends. I cannot wait to hear your reactions to this!

Today’s spotlight here in Love for 10969 is 22 year old Indonesian native Bintang Fajrinul Khairi. I actually know of him since Twitter since he was a regular in the #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila thread, finding out that he will be watching the ONE OK ROCK concert in Manila. Although my initial attempts in getting an interview with him were in vain, I was able to get him to check the site and he sent me his answers.

Read this one out because it is quite something! This is his exact answers so no changes here save some organizing.


When was the first time you heard ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?

i first time heard ONE OK ROCK since 2011 because they music is so different and uniquely. why uniquely? Because ONE OK ROCK can sing in two language: english and japanese. Thats why ONE OK ROCK is very popular in Japan. The first song I heard from ONE OK ROCK is アンサイズニア(answer is near)

What is your favorite song and why?

my favourite song are アンサイズニア, naihi shinsho, The Beginning, Cry out (Japanese version) , never let this go, Mighty Long Fall ( Japanese version ) and many more

Collecting any OOR Memorabilia?


If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?


Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

my Favorite member is Kanki Tomoya, the drummer. Tomoya is so energetic and powerful
he’s so cute and funny. Taka is also my favorite member. Taka is so cool and energetic
he can sing with mellow and he can scream.

Can you say ONE OK ROCK has changed your life? How?

ONE OK ROCK has changed my life because ONE OK ROCK makes me spirited when i work

Have you watched them in their live performances before?


If yes, answer the following:
—– where and when?
in Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan. July 1 2013 and July 2 2013 for ONE OK ROCK 2013 人生x君=(Jinsei Kakete Kimi Wa) Tour

what were your first expectations before the live and how did your ticket story go if you have one?

my first expetations is was great! Osaka crowds was amazing!! Osaka Jo Hall is veryyyyyyy GREAT.

I also gotten tickets for Manila, and the one who helped me was a friend I met in Osaka. His name is Andrea Jerico and he bought me and my friend from Malaysia and Thailand

Were these expectations met in the live?

it was very great

Message for ONE OK ROCK?

i wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! ありがとうございます!!! greetings from ONE OK ROCK Indonesia ☺


Short, succinct and spectacular. I envy him coz I love Jinsei Kakete Boku Wa so much. Sigh. if only there was a time turner!

We are travelling around Asia this week so where are we off to next?



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