Chan rak kun, ONE OK ROCK!

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Sawatdee ka! 

We are in Asia today for another Love for 10969 feature. Thailand is also part of ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv Asian Tour, just a day or two after Manila if my poor memory serves me right! I met Kanan on tumblr, yes you know how tumblr works right? Your network expands when someone reblogs and you get to meet more people. I just find the strategy so cool. I get to meet more and more fellow OOR fans because of it. 🙂 Here’s what the 22-year old Digital Media student has to say about ONE OK ROCK.


1. How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them? 🙂

I knew about them just last year, because I wanted to listen to rock music. My sister sent a song of the band to me called Cry Out and I liked it. Then I find myself listening to all of their songs.

2.What is your favorite OOR song and why?

The best OOR song for me is Clock Strikes. I like the part “Believe that time is always, forever” Nowadays, it’s the best quote for me.

3.Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have?

I have the albums 35xxxv,35xxxv Deluxe Edition and Jinsei X Boku. And I also have Primal Footmark 2016. I have other OOR goods, I bought them when OOR had a concert in Thailand.

4. Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

I like Ryota. Cause He is pretty and kind and he always makes me crazy when he smiles. His smiles seem to come from his heart and I like it when he’s playing bass in their concert.

5. How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

After knowing them, I tried listening to other J-ROCK & International bands. I started listening to songs I never listen to before. It opened my mind about different music styles and support more works from other artists.

6. Have you watched any of their live performances before? What were your expectations before the live and were they met? Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?

I watched them in “ONE OK ROCK 2016 ’35xxxv’ ASIA TOUR Live in Bangkok” . What I expected before watching their live is that ONE OK ROCK can give joy and fun and hoped the band will impress their Thai fans. I saw the band in concert but didn’t get the chance to come closer to them. But I was able to [come closer] at the airport before they left to perform in Singapore. I was so happy even if I didn’t take a photo with them.

7. Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again? Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again?

If they have another ASIA tour and they come to Thailand again. If I have chance, I hope to see them in Japan too but I need  to save money and wait for my free time.

8 .What is your message for ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview? 🙂

I have something to tell you. Thanks for your amazing music and I will continue support you. Come to Thailand often, Thai fans will always wait for you guys. I hope we will meet again and many times more. Thai food is very very delicious so please come here again and do it often hahahaha ;P


OOR passion is very strong in Asia! We are all waiting for another Asian tour that’s about to happen in the near future. *save…save…save…*



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