Shanghai for ONE OK ROCK!

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We’re still in Asia this week for Love for 10969 and we’re just starting one big month for foreign stories! Hahahaha, I told you ONE OK ROCK love will not end in this site! Hahaha! This proves how busy we are in this place. Hahaha!

For this update for Love for 10969, we catch up with Kasen! I met Kasen upon the recommendation of Asano who was featured here before. Kasen agreed to my request and here is her answers per point. Tis a bit long but this is how much ONE OK ROCK made an impact in her life!

She did the pre-set questions ^^


1. Name: Kasen
2. Age: 14 (yep, I’m a kid)
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Well, I’m Taiwanese; however, I live in Shanghai
5. Social Media Account/Website:
INSTAGRAM= kasen_freaknovel10969
TWITTER: @45791125
6. Hum… it’s a common question. My answer is quite complicated, though. I know the existence of this band about 2 years ago, when I was a seventh-grader. I accidentally found a ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ (an anime) MAD online, then the background music was Re:make! Even though time goes on, I still can remember the moment when this song went through my ears as fast as a lightning bolt (er… it is more specific to use figurative language to describe what I felt). ‘Oh my goodness! This song is absolutely stunning and the vocalist is just awesome!’ I thought. During that time, I did not immediately become a fan of ONE OK ROCK because of varieties of reasons (complex). But now, I am and I’m proud of being a OORer!

7. I have two favorite songs because both of them are justperfect and somehow important to me: キミシダイ列車(Kimishidairessya) and 欲望に満ちた青年団(Yokubonimichitaseinendan). I love the melodies of those two songs, which is the most basic reason. Most importantly, the lyrics are actually my ‘back-ups’ when I feel frustrated, surrounded by desperation, or thinking that life is so hard, the two songs (especially ‘欲望に満ちた青年団’) give me courage and lead a path to go through the obstacles that I met.

8. Um… I started my OOR memorabilia collection in February, 2015 (dunno why I can remember the time, haha), which is the time I bought the ‘35xxxv’ album. In addition, ‘Heartache’ was my favorite song and it is the main reason why I’m the big fan of OOR. I also bought ‘人生X僕=’ (Jinsei X Boku=)a few months later, and I received the ‘2014 Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama Stadium’ live DVD from my mother as a birthday present (she’s omniscient, sometimes). This is the best live concert in the world! I watched it for a several times, and I can find different things that fascinate me.

9. About my favorite OOR member… Actually I like everyone! Taka’s voice is fabulous, whenever he’s singing power fry or the not rock-sh songs (don’t know how to say that in English, I mean, songs like ‘Wherever you are’, ‘Note’n’ Words, and so on). Toru is just handsome, mature, and it’s suitable for him to be a guitarist. Ryota, being a bassist, world’s best career, he has a lot of things that I should learn for being a successful bassist in the future. At last, Tomoya, he has the strength to attract all of the people. Everyone knows that he studied in ESP Musical Academy before, and he gives his passion to the band. Fine, to me, Toru is the best! Not only because he’s charming (even though this is the truth), I read an 2013 (I guess) interview of OOR, Ryota stated that Toru, as a leader, he locked himself in a room to practice his guitar for six months before the actual band is established. His actions become one of my role models.

10. Well, I think so. I became the big fan of OOR when I was having a really hard time at school, which was friendship problem. My second best side-kick in the world, who was convinced by those fake rumors that were about I told others something bad about her. I was shocked because there are no reasons for me to victimize her and she should know that! She betrayed me, I mean, I just lost a friend with this kind of ridiculous reason. During that time, no one came to help me or what (but I was comforted by my classmate’s words, so I felt better). But the good thing is, weeks later, she apologized. We talked for a long time about her misunderstandings, and I forgave her (because God told me so). I listened to OOR’s songs like everyday. The lyrics and the tones from TAKA let me realized that: world is not as hard as you imagine. Although you may encounter hardships; however, you just can go through it by using your infinite strength. In addition, I usually listened to “Shake it Down” to vent the stress that I had, somehow.

11. OOR’s live is a momentous experience to me. I recently went to the ‘35xxxv ASIA TOUR LIVE IN TAIWAN AT TAIPEI ARENA’ live on January 16th, 2016. Ahhhh! This is my first mission that I need to complete in 2016! All of the OOR’s live concerts are marvelous. Actually, I can’t believe that my mom agreed to my request, which somehow scared me for a bit. Because I live in Shanghai, I still can remember that I flew back to my hometown a day before the concert (January 15th, 2016). I was so mentally ‘intoxicated’ when I was in the plane, watching ‘The Maze Runner’ movie by using my iPad. However, I realized that I needed to take my final exams on the next week, and I can rarely review some of the subjects after I got back to Shanghai. This is not cool.

Let’s talk about how did I get the tickets even though this experience makes me feel painful. On the ticket-selling day, unfortunately, I needed to go to school. Therefore, I asked my mom to buy it for me (she also asked other relatives who live in Taiwan for help). I told her the seat that I wanted (it is not close to the stage, but I think it’s view is awesome). I went to school with excitement.

Sadly, I got a miserable news from my mom in the afternoon. She told me that all of the tickets were sold out after a few seconds when the selling center started to sell them (it’s a website). That’s because the website was blocked by the ticket scalpers.
I shivered and I even cannot focus on the classes that I had. This news was so shocking that I guess it had the ability to pulverize my brain cells. I felt unconscious and almost passed out.

I called my mom after the school was over, she told me she got the tickets, but they were about more than 2 times expensive than the original prices. Yeah, having tickets seemed to be a great, but I was mad and even felt guilty for being a wayward kid. She warned me, “this is the your first live concert in your entire life, however, this kind of issue will not happen in the next time.”

My mom is brilliant, I believe.

The “35xxxv” live was just fabulous (of course, it is above my expectations, but I hope the other band members except TAKA can speak in the next time) All of the four people were energetic who gave their largest passions to every fans. TAKA even made a promise to us that they’ll definitely see us again (hope so). In addition, OOR also made a new instrumental song and Ryota’sbass solo… Oh my goodness! This made me gained more eagerness to be a bassist! I’m run out of words right now… Anyway, I’m glad to see them performing on stage at Taipei Arena. Even though I don’t have any OOR encounters after the live was over (I went back to my aunt’s house immediately), well, that’s totally fine to me, watching their live is enough for me to maintain my excitements for two weeks or more!
About the next live that I would like to watch… Nah, haven’t decided it yet. Just go with the flow, and I’m looking forward to see what will happen next!

Messages For ONE OK ROCK:
Actually, I want to say “Thank you.” Being a music lover, I can feel the tones of the songs and your passions to music. You give me the bravery to be a dreamer, and the lyrics of the songs actually lighten a way for me to achieve my goals. Even though I might encounter tons of hardships and challenges; however, confidence is my best friend. I’m only 14, but I’d already determined what is the actual thing that makes me want to do for my entirelife, until I died. Your songs even help me to ensure the real meanings of dreams. I want to be a bassist! In the beginning, I doubted myself. However, after reading you guys’ interviews, I understand the meaning of chasing dreams and I’ll never give up to be a bassist. Moreover, I know that I’m destined to do it!
No matter what, we (all of the OORers) are always your back-ups!
Looking forward to the new songs!


Experiencing that plunge is not enough when you watch ONE OK ROCK live and Kasen shares this belief. Of course, you never know when you will get to see them so let’s all go on to the flow.

Next week… its off to the United States! Yep, we’re global alright :))


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