The Thoughts of an ONE OK ROCK fan

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Time we lingered off Asia and into the unknown as Love for 10969 now goes to the US!!! Hahaha, Mei is very happy of these things and wow wow wow wow! We’re close to the 5k mark… ah, I really think I need a contest for this place.

Anyway, for today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK, we will hear Jack’s story. Her story is quite different from the other interviews because she did the entire narrative XD. I hope you enjoy it because I did.

She even provided some photos for you to enjoy!


I first heard about ONE OK ROCK from my friend about 3, almost 4 years ago. She sent me their video The Beginning telling me that she thinks I might like it. I checked it out and I shit you not my reaction was, “what the hell is this?? they sound like American wannabes..” I did admit though, that the vocalist was good. So over the next few days I searched youtube for more music, giving them another chance… and well, here I am today! Liar was the song that really pulled me in, like wow these guys really have a unique sound. And now the beginning is one of my favorite songs.

There are too many songs to choose from… but there are a handful that would make my life complete if I ever got to hear it live. Currently my favorite song is karasu. The anger in the studio version, the sorrow in the live acoustic… it just really hits home to how I used to feel a lot of the time. This line in particular: 僕は何で悲しくも この時代に生まれてきたんだろう? I like the closing lyrics the most; it’s sort of like an acceptance of life for me. Actually I got a tattoo of a crow on my wrist. It’s a reminder of this song, and what I was or who I was. I’m not as depressing as I used to be hahaha

I do! I’m not as crazy as my friend though. She collects two of everything pretty much: one to use and one kept sealed. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I’m quite envious!!! But I don’t have the funds for that. I collect merch I can actually use/wear frequently. I wear their tour shirts regularly to work. My favorite is the double crow shirt/tank. I will say I absolutely LOATH their paper planes t-shirt. Whose idea was that even?? Haha anyway, as far as physical cd/dvds, I only have jinsei (2 copies), mlf single, xxxv jp le edition, and xxxv eng version (I have like 4 of these all signed with more to come lol). With the extra albums, I like to send them out to my friends who don’t have the same opportunity as me. My most precious possession is Tomoya’s drumstick. He handed it to me at one of their warped tour stops 🙂

Ah, my favorite member is Tomoya. I think he is the opposite of me, but that’s a good thing. He’s really friendly, and seriously one of the best drummers I’ve seen. I think now more people are paying attention to him. When he is on stage he has this fierce and power aura. Sometimes when we make eye contact I feel like it makes us both go even harder. That could just be me being delusional hahaha. But I digress… in short I love him because he is genuine, passionate, considerate and an all-round happy-go-lucky guy. Even though I fangirl, I respect and look up to him more than anything. Being in his presence always puts you in a better mood.

I’ve become a bit more open to interacting with people I don’t know. Being at their concerts you meet people with similar interest in music as you, so from the get-go you already have something in common. I’ve been able to visit a lot more places too! All within the U.S. so far, but my dream is to see them in Japan. But even following them here is difficult, since this country is so big I’ve flown out to Cali a few times (I’m from Mass) and man do I hate making that trip. 5+ hour plane rides TT^TT, but seeing them makes it all worth it. Their music helps me in every way… even when they are the reason I am mad I can only turn to their music to make me feel better. I also want to mention I’ve gained a handful of really good friends because of them. Not just acquaintances, but people who I can communicate with daily and freely about oor or personal things. We live in different parts of the country, the world even, but oor brings us back together. Seeing my friends is just as exciting as meeting oor.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see them over 10 times now. But only a few of them have been solos. They always exceed my expectations. Considering the amount of times I’ve seen them, you’d think I’d get used to it but it’s somehow always better than the last. I think the first time I saw them, that was back in 2/9/14 in nyc, I was just nervous. I was expecting a powerful and fun performance and that’s what I got. Each time, you can hear the small differences in their performance… most notably mighty long fall. My friends and I were discussing that recently. When they first started playing it live it was kind of bland or underwhelming… but you can hear the improvements in the pace and vocals for it. They’ve found their groove and it’s one of their best crowd pumping songs now. My favorite moments are when taka messes up. I don’t know why, but I find it so amusing. He doesn’t get as angry as anymore, he said he’s gotten used to it now. But I remember in nyc during re:make, he was twirling his mic then tossed it up in the air only for it to fall just short of his reach xD he tried to recover but I think it stopped working for a moment or it got caught in the mic stand, I’m not sure. He slammed it onto the stage again before picking it up and continuing on. I wonder if he saw me laugh?? They crowd kept singing the lyrics for him the entire time though! It was great hahaha

I have too many!! Maybe I will talk about my encounters with Tomoya only… this will be long!

When I first met them I was under the impression that it would also be the only time. I tried to take advantage of it and made dolls of each of them. Taka even picked it up and held it to the mic for answer is near!! Months before the concert dates I was looking at rings to I could propose during the meet and greet. My original bias was Toru, which as solely based on his looks. That doesn’t mean I didn’t think he was talented, but I was still getting to know all of them. As time went by I realized how cute and cool Tomoya was, so he became my new target lol. I found a ring, nothing special, and I was practicing ‘kekkon shite kudasai” constantly up until the day. Before the show I kept saying “toru’ instead of “tomoya” and my friends would tease me. I was insanely nervous hahaha I feel for all the men and women out there who do this for real haha

Ok, so when it was time for the meet and greet we waited closer to the end of the line, so I would have more time. As I type this, the anxiousness and nauseating feelings return >< I met Taka, Ryota, and Toru first.. man how thankful I was that Tomoya was last in line… I thought to myself if he rejects me at least they all won’t notice it. Ahh my stomach is turning right now hahaha.. Anyway, when I finally made it to Tomoya I hugged him and said, “kekkon shite kudasai!!” and presented the ring. His face… I can’t even describe it… his manager looked over and said, ‘kekkon??!?” and they both laughed xD aaaahhh the embarrassment! He didn’t respond immediately, so I took his hand and put the ring on hahaha then my friend looked over and we were just screaming and jumping. Toru asks Tomo what’s going on and they both laughed too. At this time, their English wasn’t as great as it is now but I asked him again in English what his answer was. Toru was watching out of curiosity hahah. Tomoya said, “hmmm I’m thinking…,” placing his fingers on his chin with his head tilted, he leans in closer, “next time, I say?” kyaaaaaaahahaha!! So cute. So darn cute! I said ok!! TT^TT. I never got an actually answer, but it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I even regret doing that xD I pray he doesn’t remember that moment hahaha Another more recent encounter was last year in Milwaukee, I think it was November? I will preface this with my encounter with Ryota. I have tattoos on my arms—stay cool stay fool and on the other stay fool stay cool. I’ve shown it to oor once before, when I had the first arm done. They were all like WOW are you serious?? It’s real? Great reactions from them, hah! This time we saw Ryota outside the bus, drinking one of the redbulls we bought for them We went up to say hi, and as they were taking photos I mentioned to Ryota again that I have the same tattoos. In an unenthusiastic way he said, “show me.” It was really cold that day, and he didn’t seem that interested, so I said, “ahh it’s too cold to take off my sweaters.” My friends looked at me like I was crazy hahaha I rolled up my sleeves to show him and his face went from indifferent to a huge smile with the cutest fucking giggle I’ve ever heard. Every time he looked at it he’d giggle, then I would giggle. It was a giggling fest I tell ya! He takes out his phone and then asks me to take a picture. Let me repeat, Ryota asked ME if it was ok to take a picture with him xD I was seriously overjoyed!! He handed his phone over to my friend and we took a couple pictures together. As he scrolled through the photos he kept smiling and giggling. I had to hide my face at that point because I couldn’t handle it anymore lol. I think at some point Ryota must have shown it to the other members. I hope he did! For the rest of the day I focused on Ryota, I stood on his side and cheered for only him. Afterwards they were doing cd signings; Tomoya happened to pass by me so I patted him on the back and told him he was amazing. He stopped to say thank you and patted me back with a huge smile on his face. The signing was very fast since there were a lot of people. Like, they didn’t even have time to look at you. Taka wasn’t there but that’s another story. I get up and get my aftershock vip badge signed and am getting shoved away. As that is happening I hear Tomoya call out to me, “Jaaaccckkkk!!” so I look back and he waves good bye T^T I think he notices when I am not giving him any attention. Maybe he was jealous of the attention I gave Ryota that day haha Again, I understand that I am being delusional. I was just so surprised and thankful that he even remembers my name. Ah, I wrote a lot. I hope you are able to find these stories at least a little entertaining. They are currently on tour as an opening band for Issues, and I believe they will be returning shortly after in the summer. I’ll definitely see them again, but I might have to reduce the amount of trips I make [gallery type="slideshow" link="none" ids="350,349,348,347,346,341,340,339,338,337,336,335,334,333,332,331,329,330,328,344" orderby="rand"] My message to them?? Hey guys! I’ll see you soon; maybe I’ve seen you already. I hope you don’t get tired of my face! Please keep doing what you love; I’m in the process of trying to find something I love too. You guys keep me going! Thank you so goddamn fucking much! ========================= Reading this reminds me of my own ONE OK ROCK encounter. Of course, now that I have seen the live and the love, you bet I wish to have this type of encounter. More US stuff coming your way because thats how I like it! sign2


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