Submissions OPEN!!!

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Mei is here finally for some spankin updates!

After successfully rechecking all of our backlog, Love for 10969 will be open for submissions and interviews starting June 1st! We’re pretty much fully set so if you guys will be submitting your stories, we will be posting them after July 7th since that’s the last date for our backlog.

Please take note that we will be prioritizing stories from the United States, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, except the Philippines. I began this site with mostly Philippine stories so we will be moving away from the country for now until we got enough international stories. Do not worry Filipino fans, I will be reopening interview/submission schedules for you guys sometime soon before Love for 10969’s anniversary on October!

If you wanna join in the fun, check out our rules page or the pre-set questions page for more details. For interview requests, you can send me a tweet at @oneistoinfinity or a PM in ^^ I will try getting back to you guys as fast as I can.

For those who wish to answer or get an interview in a different language, like French, Spanish, Filipino and Japanese, that is ok. Just send a comment below or in the other places you can contact me for that.

Ready for more global fun? I already have ideas for our anniversary! Hahaha! Let’s get this cracking guys! Share the word about this so we can get more people to share their ONE OK ROCK love!



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