OOR, Romy and sisterly love

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Wie geht es Ihnen?

ONE OK ROCK’s European tour is fast approaching and our OOR kazoku in Europe should have bought their tickets by now. They’re more than ready to welcome the boys back! ONE OK ROCK is getting bigger on the other side of the world and their European fans are equally active as their Asian fans.

Just like Romy from Germany, who only got to know OOR six months ago, but has been gathering all the merch she can get her hands on. I don’t know if she can acquire the 2014 MLF Live by the time this interview gets published. Romy even influenced her sister to love OOR as well!


How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK and when?

Okay.. It was just about 6 months ago. I love watching Japanese doramas and there was this video on Youtube… A fanvideo to a dorama called Takumi-Kun. The creator use the song “Wherever You Are“. I really liked that song so i looked for the artist on youtube. Second song i heard was “Liar” – at this time my boyfriend was cheating on me. It was the perfect song for me. I wanted more from band and with every new song i loved them more ^^

What is your favorite OOR song?

Definitely important ones for me. But if I were to choose one… I don’t know. It depends on the situation. In that situation with my boyfriend it was Liar and エトセトラ. After this time it was Be The Light – because of its message “never give up”. if I choose only one it would be Last Dance – cause it made my sister fall in love with OOR. And I really love my sister. So we can enjoy it together 😀

I see you started collecting OOR merch. Which of these merch do you have already? What else do you want to buy in the future?

I really want to buy 2 DVDs of them I don’t have yet. Also their records. But it’s hard to get these in Germany. And it’s so expensive here. At the concert in Wiesbaden, I got two shirts.


Where do you buy your DVDs and CDs?
In germany there are only 2 shops for jrock. In8 Berlin and Munich. Both are so far away from me. So when I shop I buy as much as I can xD I got 3 DVDs as a birthday present from my sister. The rest, I had to order online.

Who is your favorite OOR member and why?

I guess it’s Taka. xD Not just because he’s so handsome; his voice always calms me down. I don’t know. He held my hand during the concert in Wiesbaden. It was only around 30 seconds but I feel like i could thank him for every single song they’ve ever written. Sounds a little cheesy xD

So you can say that OOR has changed your life, Romy?

I think so. During the break up with my boyfriend i was so sad. It was not just losing losing the man i used to love. I also had to move into another city. My sister moved into another city, too. It was really hard for me. There are some nights when I would be watching OOR videos and i could smile again. Even if its just Taka bullying Tomo xD On my birthday i got my “be the light” Tattoo. It always reminds me not to give up ^^

You’ve been to their live performance before, right?

Yep. I was in Wiesbaden 13.12.15 and will be in Leipzig this year. ^^

What were your expectations before the live and were they met? Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?

It was more than i’ve expected. I knew they were amazing live. But this concert totally killed me xD i was a little sad that I dIdn’t get a VIP ticket but I was fine with that after seeing them on stage. So powerful. Just perfect. Lots of people were holding up their smartphones to take videos. But I only stood there and stared at them. Of course, I took a few pictures but more than that, i wanted to save them live in my memories.

Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again?

They’re coming back to Germany in May. So I will go to Leipzig and I will buy a VIP ticket [for sure] this time. Leipzig is the city closest to my sister. So we’ll go together

What is your message for ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview? 🙂

Oh xD

“Thank you for the music. appreciated every single song. Keep doing your thing! Be always happy and Taka, don’t be so mean to Tomo all the time” xD


Thanks a lot Germany, for your OOR Love! I wish to meet more German OOR Fans in the future!



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