[Translated] France Loves ONE OK ROCK

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[This is the English version of this post]

Hello from the beautiful streets of Paris! Yes, our quest for ONE OK ROCK fan stories has brought us to France!

You may be wondering why this is in French? This is because the person that we will present today is from this country! I met Benoit in Twitter after a little research. He liked one of my posts for this series and I thought: why not ask him about his fan story?

Fortunately, I could speak and write in French even to a certain extent. I have not practiced for a while though.


1. When was the first time you learned about ONE OK ROCK? And which song was it?

A: It was February 2015 and the song was ‘Clock Strikes’

2. What was your first impression of their music, style and character?

A: I loved it! There style is awesome! I fell in love with their characters! Their music is fabulous and filled with emotion!

3. What is your favorite song to date and why?

A: Clock Strikes! Because when I discovered ONE OK ROCK, I was depressed and this song helped me a lot!

4. Do you collect any goods of the band so far? If so, which ones do you got? If not, will you buy in the future?

A: I have a shirt, a sweater, a cap, and the autographed album of 35XXXV! I may purchase again in the future.

5. Favorite member of the band and why?

A: Ryota and Taka! Taka’s voice delivers immense emotions and Ryota because I really like his style! He is a showman! Although in my heart, I love them all!

6. How has ONE OK ROCK changed your life? Have they changed your life?

A: Yes indeed! They changed my life! I listen to them all day! They make me live a dream every day!

7. When was the first time you saw them live in person?

A: It was in December 2015. To be precise, December 21 for their concert in Paris!

8. How was it? Any memorable scenes you can remember for this particular live?

A: It was amazing! They are showmen! I recall that there were a lot of times Ryota made me smile during the concert and even Taka noticed me! I was thrilled!

9. I know you saw and got a picture with them. How was it like meeting ONE OK ROCK that close?

A. During the pictures, they were adorable and they were super close to us. It was fast but so full of love, it was a moment I will never forget!


Two photos from the 2015 Paris Concert and Benoit!


Benoit avec ONE OK ROCK

Benoit avec ONE OK ROCK


10. Are you going to their return for Download Festival?

A: Unfortunately not…

Why? Busy?

A: Yes… I am not available at those dates.

Mei: That’s ok, they will always come back for more ^^v

A: I hope they will return soon! Because They are so missed here!

11. Are you making something fan-related to ONE OK ROCK? Fan art? Photos? Videos?

A: No unfortunately. But I have a fan page for ONE OK ROCK!

Can you give me the link?

“ONE OK ROCK Friendly” (You can check the link here! https://www.facebook.com/ONE-OK-ROCK-Friendly-148574102009317/?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser)

12. What is your message to ONE OK ROCK if they read this interview?

A: Thank you for saving my life, music makes me live a dream every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you!”


The post was interesting isn’t it? Doing this interview in French is quite refreshing! You will see more of it soon!



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