Ti amo, ONE OK ROCK…

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We are on a roll! Love for 10969 will take you to Italy today to meet Carmen, just another high school student who simply loves Japan!

I think she’s the first Tomoya die hard fan I have talked to so far, and I must say Carmen really adores the guy. She wouldn’t rush to the green bus for nothing!


Q1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them?

Last year, August 2015 I was watching some anime openings on YouTube and between the suggested videos I found ONE OK ROCK – The Beginning. I was curious about it so I just watched the video and added it on one of my playlist. Later I listened to it more and more until I knew the whole song and just keeping listening every day. one song more and now I’m here months later listening to all of their songs!

Q2: What is your favourite OOR song and why?

That’s a difficult question..I can’t choose just a song because all of their songs got a meaning…

My favourite one is “The Beginning” because it gives you strength to never give up on things and also because I love the rhythm.

Then there’s “Heartache“, I cried many, many times with this songs because it reminds me of my ex lol but also because it’s a really soft and emotional song.

And finally there’s “c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h” that I really love because it talks about growing up and friendship!

Q3. Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have? If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?

Yes, I’ve some of their merchandise but just a few ç.ç I got the beanie, the sweatshirt and “35XXXV Deluxe Edition” I got it from the concert in Italy! I’m planning to buy all the CD’s and my favourite live that is “ONE OK ROCK live at Yokohama Stadium “😍

Q4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

My favourite member is absolutely Tomoya. I just love him because he’s so cute, kind and also funny! I love his behaviour and his cute smile. The way he acts with others it’s amazing because in his own way he tries to make people happy, encourage them and give some energy. I just love him.

But I also like the other members for other reasons!

Q5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

I can say that ONE OK ROCK made my life a little bit happier! When I’m sad I listen to their songs that can make me happy and give me strength. I listen to ONE OK ROCK daily and I really spend lots of time looking for photos or videos. I’m happy because they can make me laugh so easily and that’s important.

Q6: Have you watched any of their live performances before? What were your expectations before the live and were they met?  Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?

Yes, I’ve been to their Milan concert last 19 December 2015! I think they are energetic, emotional, funny and just amazing in the stage! They perfectly met my expectations but they just overlay what I thought because that live was amazing. I cried during the concert because I was so happy to see them live and just some meters away from me…it seemed just like a dream to be at their concert then. I realized the day after that I really went to see them and I was crying all day because I still couldn’t believe I really made it to their concert!!!

I was not able to get VIP tickets or couldn’t get as close, unfortunately. I had to take the plane to get to the concert and my mum was with me ahah

I didn’t have the possibility to take the VIP ticket so I couldn’t get that close to them unfortunately… I also had to board a plane to get to the concert and I also took my mum with me ahah

I was kinda lucky because I was in a café and then saw this huge green bus so I went out immediately and ran to see if it was their bus… I arrived there and I saw Tomoya smoking behind a tree covered with fans. I was like 5 meters away from him…at the beginning I was speechless but then me and another girl screamed “I love you Tomoya” he turned to us and he was smiling!😍😍😍 (I also got a video while Tomoya was smoking ahah)

Q7: Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again?

Of course I want to watch them live every time it is possible to get to a concert! I really want them to return and have another amazing live in Italy! Now that they organized a mini Europe Tour, I’m planning to go in one of those days. I’m looking forward to getting the VIP ticket eheh

Q8: what is your message for ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview?

ONE OK ROCK, you’re an amazing band, powerful and complete. You’re not just a normal band but a band that really puts emotion on whatever you’re doing. You make music with your heart and this is a thing all artists like you should do! Each one of you tries to communicate something in his own way: Taka through his voice, Toru with the guitar, Ryota with the bass and Tomoya with the drums. Everyone has his own style and behaviour but in spite of this I’m so happy that you guys are not just work-colleagues but also friends who spend time together outside of work. I hope you’ll continue to make good music and keep being friends! Please keep on making me smile; keep me laughing and crying because of you. All I can say now is a huge “THANKS” (even if it’s not enough). I hope to meet all of you again one day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Those who are dreaming to score a VIP ticket in the future, raise your hands! Higher! *both arms up in the air already*



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