ONE OK ROCK reached The Golden Land

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Mingalar Par!

ONE OK ROCK has indeed conquered almost all corners of Asia! As proof, I have talked to the very bubbly Yee Mon from Myanmar. To be honest, I know so little about this country. I was surprised to find out that they watch our local shows and love them! I even ended up giving recommendations for good shows to look out for hihihi. I think Myan Mar and the Philippines are both fans of good entertainment.

Even though Yee Mon has her exams that day, she still gave some of her time in between to talk about her Love for 10969 with me. She is a medical student and lived in Myan Mar all her life. Our conversation went really well and she got all fired up as soon as I asked my first question. It’s like she isn’t a newbie fan at all!

Here goes Yee Mon from Myanmar for you all. Her enthusiasm sure is contagious!


Meet Yee Mon Myo, OOR fan from Myan Mar

*How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK and when was the first time you heard them?

I read about OOR in a FB post. It is written that they are a famous Japanese band worldwide. I was a little surprised. Wow. An Asian rock band is that famous! I became interested how they have come so far. I downloaded a random song, The Beginning. It was like, I reached a new world. The lyrics are so powerful. (Of course, I listened while reading English translation. I don’t understand Japanese.) Then I listened to Wherever You Are and I was like, wow… they sing slow songs too.

Guess what I found on Youtube? It was Mighty Long Fall 2014 Live at Yokohama Stadium. After watching that show, I was completely in love with OOR. Taka sings the same like in MV’s. His voice didn’t change during shows. He has full control of his vocal range. It’s really amazing. Also, the instrumental is perfect!!! Toru, Ryota and Tomoya!! Their mood, styles & the head banging! It’s just perfect! Since then I became a diehard fan and listened to almost all OOR songs repeatedly.

*  What’s your favourite OOR song so far?

I can’t choose one I love all of them. Wait. I wrote my top 10 list. I’ll show you:


It’s really difficult to choose the best because all are best for me. I wanna add Living Dolls and Wherever You Are to that list.

* Do you collect merch?

I can’t even buy an original CD or DVD in my country.

But would you, if you could?

I ordered 35xxxv album from my aunt in Singapore. This will be my first. It’s a little difficult in my country. It is a developing country. The international banking system is difficult.

* Who’s your favourite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

Taka is my favourite member in the whole universe. Why? Well, there are many vocalists famous all over the world. But I don’t know why…. they can’t influence me (as much as he does) XD I just love Taka’s voice and his singing mood…strong, emotional, inspirational, powerful. He can change it according to the song he is singing. As I’ve said, he jumps, dances, runs, head bangs on stage. He is in full control of his vocal range. He has stamina. These are the reasons why I like Taka as a vocalist.

Another reason: He is a very good lyricist. 🙂 I really respect people who can write good lyrics and Taka is one. 🙂 I read in an article that he is in charge of composing the lyrics.

I also love his face XD he has beautiful eyes and his smile… urghhh. I wanna pinch his cheeks XD But…believe me! I love Taka not because of his image. I really respect his singing skills, his hard work, his passion for music 🙂

* Did ONE OK ROCK change your life? If yes, then why?

I was into pop music before I met OOR. I thought rock music is just a noisy thing. Lol XD Well… I was absolutely wrong :’) The rock music genre (OOR being Japan emo + rock)… it’s really powerful & impressive. I don’t understand much about the instruments. I don’t know about techniques. But I really like watching Toru, Ryota & Tomoya play their instruments. Their styles, head banging, dancing on stage make me crazy. (I haven’t watched their shows outside, just Youtube) “To watch a rock concert, an OOR concert one day XD.” has been added to my wishlist.

Well, did OOR change my life? Yeah I’ve totally changed. My taste in music, my opinion about music also changed. And yes, it’s a very good change.

* Will you watch them live in the future? Where?

Of course. I’ll watch if I have the chance. I still don’t know where it’ll be. It will be best if they come to the country where I will go for further studies (I haven’t chosen the country yet XD) It maybe within the next 2-5 years. But I’ll wait for the chance 🙂 If ever I see them, I will cry…due to happiness overload.

* What do you want to say to ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview?

I want you to know that there is a crazy, diehard fan girl of ONE OK ROCK in Myanmar. Be healthy and be happy, Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomoya!!! Your fans treasure the existence of OOR a lot. Please keep it till the world ends!!! I’ll support you forevermore \m/

I LOVE ONE OK ROCK!!! <3 <3 <3


I hope OOR will include Myanmar in their itinerary too… it’s so near yet so far. 🙂


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