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We’re close to one full year since I started this beautiful project and I cannot wait to see what happens to the site around that time!

Now, for this update of Love for 10969, we’ll be back in Indonesia – in Jakarta in fact- to hear the story of Putri regarding her inclusion to the ONE OK ROCK fandom! For those who do not know, Putri is the owner of the website TheDailyStorm and she is one of the people I know overseas who has visited Manila for the first ONE OK ROCK concert in the country! Her story is quite cool to hear by the way! Why not read it here with me and see how this blogger went around Asia for this epic band!


Q 1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it? Be specific of the date and what occurred after you heard the song.

My first ONE OK ROCK song was The Beginning. It was back in late 2012, I was lounging around in my sofa watching Japan Culture hosted by Danny Choo. The show had this 5 minutes slot for trending songs in Japan and they featured 5 secs of The Beginning MV.

what happened after that? what ran through your mind when you heard it? did you immediately research about them?

I thought they’re a pretty good band, they caught my attention and was quite different from other J-rock bands I know. But it stopped there and I didn’t look for more. And then in June 2013, I saw commercial in Waku Waku Japan that they’re coming to Indonesia in November 24th, 2013. At the time, I remember immediately, ‘Hey, this is the great band I saw back then in the show!’ I immediately checked the ticket when they’re on sale and bought it.

So because I was going to the show, then I checked to Youtube of their songs. I converted to full fan right away after hitting The Beginning, Jibun Rock, and No Scared. I was so sold I then bought a ticket to their show in Kuala Lumpur too after that.

Q 2: favorite song from the band so far and why

My fave song… it’s tough LOL. But I play My Sweet Baby a lot before I sleep. It’s like my beauty sleep routine smile emoticon

anything to add in the favorite song list?

I have so so much fun with their emo songs like No Scared and Jibun Rock. But All Mine is just so special, it inspires me so much for my novel smile emoticon

Q 3: Do you collect merch featuring ONE OK ROCK? if so, what do you have?

Of course haha. Mostly DVDs and Primal Footmark.

Q 4: Hard question no 2… Who in ONE OK ROCK do you love/adore/like and WHY? it can be a novel :)))

Well, at first I didn’t have specific someone I rooted. I liked them as a band. But when Toru smiled at me during concert in Jakarta it caught me off guard, it became personal. So I guess, I’m weak to Toru’s shy


LOL He sent me love sign in Manila too grin emoticon

Be specific

Be specific… in Jakarta I was in his side because my friend is his fan. So I was there to accompany her basically. It was so crowded and I was pushed around, but I enjoyed the show. And I didn’t really put too much attention to Toru. But at some point, he stood so high so close to the edge of the stage, I had to notice him and we sorta had eye contact, and bam! He smiled.

Anything else you like about Toru? aside from that zing moment?

And I couldnt believe it, so I asked my friend, ‘Did he just smile at us?’ and my friend said ‘YES!’ hahaha. Since then, I kind of noticing him more grin emoticon
Other than that, I actually have this image of him of intimidating kind of person. But when I see fan photos with him and videos, he’s actually really nice and sweet.

Q 5: How has ONE OK ROCK changed your life and how did they inspire you?

Well, truthfully I wasn’t that much into J-rock scene. I like some rock songs in anime, such as those in Naruto. But they never able to convert me as a loyal fan.

lyrics and work ethic wise?

Yeah, their lyrics also play a good part. Chaosmyth, Living Dolls, and Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer are so inspiring. for me personally and professionally. They’re an all-round band, great lyrics, charismatic vocal of Taka, and solid adorkable band <:3 adorkable? lol

Yeah lol I mean, they’re rock stars, right?


But as a fan following their IG account diligently, they cook, they act like boys next door, fanboying Avril Lavigne, stuffs like that so adorable. You don’t see that much from other rock stars.

lol that is true

I like them still keeping ground of themselves even after reaching worldwide status 🙂

Q 6: Now lets get to that thing you mentioned, writing a novel yes?

Ah yes, still on progress though 🙂

How did the ONE OK ROCK songs inspire you in that?

The specific song inspiring me most and brings out the best mood for me during writing of the novel is All Mine. It just hit all the right notes and carries out the best of my characters!

Can you give us a rundown as to what your novel is about?

I would like to write something universal, and romance is the best language. The story of two vertical lines heading different directions but somehow got the chance to meet and they were never the same again.
The novel will speak a lot of what we feel inside often taken for granted, being adventurous, and the courage to open new doors. In which I hope the novel will inspire others (and me) too, to just go out there and live the life you’ve always wanted 😉

Q 7: Cant wait to read that. Now u first saw them in 2013 yes?


so how did it all go? tickets, the expectations and the highlights of that 2013 live

It was beyond my expectation. It was the right time.

lol details?

The tickets weren’t that expensive, in Kuala Lumpur I only had to spend less than US$100 for VIP Festival in Yellow Zone. In Jakarta, less than 50 bucks. And they performed like crazy as they were just starting to build fanbase in Asia. In Kuala Lumpur, the concert was so intimate as it was considered a small venue, just like a night club turned into stage. So I had a really good view of them.

I can give you pic of when Taka sang Wherever You Are and gave me pose!

Putri and friends in KL!

Putri and friends in KL!

Taka in 2013 in KL!

Taka in 2013 in KL!

It’s my treasure LOL

The best of 2013 lives was they had this intro. They introduced themselves in local language, how they love local food and the city, and they did their best in understanding slangs. So cute. This sadly didn’t happen in 2016. 2013 was the year of two way communication of OOR and fans. It was intimate moment! 2016 concerts were too short (1,5 hours) compared to 2013, 2 hours with the intro.
And more expensive too in 2016 haha.

anywho. anything to add for the 2013 experience?

2013, Ryota sang Indonesian National Anthem and it was amazing! Hahaha.

And I was in their 2 secs of Fool Cool Rock DVD hahaha.

Really? which bit? send me a screenshot

When queuing in KL 😉

Q 8: Since 2013, which lives have you seen after? got any favorite lives?

2016 Manila and Singapore. I bought VIP ticket in Taiwan 2016 too, but I had to cancel it due to clashing work schedule. Jakarta 2013 and Manila 2016 are my favorites <:3 Check out Putri's Manila and Singapore experience in this link and here respectively!

seems many loved Manila and from what i hear from people, even OOR did love it

Yeah, they performed better in Manila than in Singapore. I could tell back in Singapore Taka was so worn out it affected his vocal!

i did hear from a Filipino fan who also watched in SG but i think, we did make quite an appeal to the band
considering their expressions that night and well, their posts

Yeah, they gave so much love for Manila in their posts heart emoticon

haha, ah well, we will be certain Part 2 is a reality

I’m sure they will be back. But then Taka said the same in Jakarta but they didn’t hahahaa

Q 9: where do you intend to watch the band next?

I do have a plan to go to Europe this Spring on May and June. Happens OOR have the same schedule there. If my plan is on track then I’ll be there in Leipzig, Munster, and Paris lives <:3 Q 10: Tips for fans aiming to go to their lives. what should they remember and what they should avoid? Tips... 1. If you want VIP ticket, you have to buy it the 1st day it's sold! My VIP ticket in Manila is sold within 2 minutes the online system start selling the ticket. If it's festival like in Singapore you can buy it much later. 2. Dont record throughout the show, please! Respect other fans. 3. Bring a towel grin emoticon (you'll sweat a lot more than you spend an hour at the gym). thats all?

Yep! Other than that, enjoy the show 😉

Q 11: Your message to ONE OK ROCK should they find themselves stumbling upon Love for 10969

My message would be…. stay fuckin’ awesome, keep away from drugs and cook some more delicious curry! heart emoticon


Ahhh! I wish I can do Putri’s Asia hopping too when they return in the area after 2 years… or later than that! Someone is currently preparing on Japan. hahaha!

Visit Putri’s blog when you have the time because I did enjoy it too! I’m waiting for that novel though! PUTRI! I WANT ONE!

Where are we going next week? Why not guess!



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