To ONE OK ROCK, From Canada with Love

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We’re back in North America for Love for 10969! Yes yes, we’re getting the groove over this and I still have yet to hear from you guys for your applications! What is going on minna! Anywho, I am a patient person and Love for 10969 will not grow without such patience. Lol!

Since we’re back here in North America, I thought of going to the northern parts and in Canada! You heard me right! ONE OK ROCK is also making airwaves here in Canada and I have made some contact with the fan base here! For today’s update, we’ll be talking to Clover!

I met Clover via Instagram because she took a super cool photo of Taka I really must have from the 2015 North America Tour and we had correspondence since then. Clover is actually from Shanghai, China but she is currently completing her studies in Canada. Here are her answers for our ONE OK ROCK fan story pre-sets!


  • Name (nickname is ok): Clover
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: F
  • Location: From China, right now study in Canada.
  • Social Media Account/Website (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc): Instagram: clover.ker
  • When was the first time you heard ONE OK ROCK and what song was it? Around two years ago. Mighty Long Fall.
  • What is your favorite song and why? BE THE LIGHT. Love the lyrics.
  • Collecting any OOR Memorabilia? Which ones do you have? — Two signed CD of 35XXXV (Deluxe Edition), some T-shirts, a pair of the limited Vans shoes, etc.
  • Are you doing something fan-made for ONE OK ROCK like sketches, hosting sites or the like? — Only some photograph during the live.
  • For visual arts/fanfic writers: Which photo/sketch/fanfic did you do first? What is the story behind it? Did you continue doing these sketches? — The photo was taken at 2015 American Tour at Toronto.
  • Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why? — Taka and Tomoya. Taka’s voice and Tomoya is so cute.
  • Can you say ONE OK ROCK has changed your life? How? — Yes, I have never heard Japanese rock before OOR, and right now I love this kind of rock.
  • Have you watched them in their live performances before? Yes, 2015.09 Toronto and 2015.12 Amsterdam
  • what were your first expectations before the live and how did your ticket story go if you have one? — Hope they will sing WHENEVER YOU ARE.
  • Were these expectations met in the live? Yes.
  • Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go? — I have went to the VIP meeting at Amsterdam, we took the photo together.
  • Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again? — Yes, of course. I have already bought the ticket of their live at 2016.04.15 at Toronto.


Tis cold here in Canada, but if you speak to ONE OK ROCK fans? It becomes red hot! Where in the North Americas should I traverse to next?

Stick around and stay tuned for the next update!!




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