LA-Manila Blends for ONE OK ROCK

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Yo minna!

Yup, Mei is still in the United States for this weeks’ Love for 10969 ONE OK ROCK Fan Chronicles. Hahaha, I have invented yet another title for this series and it is very fitting. I wonder if you guys know how I can send this to ONE OK ROCK and they actually get to see it… I really wonder how, if you have tips, let me know coz I have been itching to do it since I started all of this.

Anyway! I have gone down under and in the sunny shores of California for today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews and met up with Martin or Marty. I was pretty much browsing the usual Explore function of Instagram (you get tons of fan activity in Instagram in comparison to Facebook since its pretty much public) during the US leg of the 35xxxv Tour this year when I stumbled upon this photo.

I have heard about several stories as to how ONE OK ROCK has changed their lives and each story is different from the others. However, how deep did the band go and how much change did they deliver. Let’s check out the interview below!!!


Q1: When did you first hear about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?

I’m actually a super recent fan. my friend Angelo showed me Clock Strikes at the very end of january and I just fell in love with all of their passion.

And then? Did you research about them after hearing ‘Clock Strikes’?

I was definitely interested because I was kind of into j-rock already, but this was the first japanese band I heard that used english correctly and pronounced it clearly lol. I looked into them afterwards and just really liked their music, but I also really related with their experience with Alex and just fell in love with their personal stories as well.

Q2: What is your favorite song from them so far and why?

I think Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer right now. The lyrics speak to me a lot, and I feel like I can connect with it easily. even before I knew the translations, I could hear the emotion in Taka’s voice and in the music and felt really strongly towards them. I also read that it was the first song they wrote after Alex left, and was super impressed with how quickly and powerfully they were able to bounce back.

Q3: Have you bought any of their merchandise so far?

I bought niche syndrome on itunes, but the only physical merch I have is a t-shirt and the deluxe edition of 35xxxv; I bought both of those at the concert.

Q4: Favorite member from ONE OK ROCK and why?

I’ll go with Ryota right now lol. I think it’s because I read that Toru asked him to learn to play bass just two weeks before going into the studio, and I was really shocked. I guess it’s because learning an instrument is incredibly difficult, as well as the fact that his only job has ever been one ok rock; I have a lot of respect for him for working so hard to be so talented at what he does, and to still be pursuing his dreams and passions after so many years.

Q5: I saw your photo in IG and it said there that ONE OK ROCK changed your life. How exactly did they change your life?

I was in a really bad place for about a year before finding them. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and in the months prior to being introduced to them, I was particularly suicidal because of things that were happening in my home, at school, and because I’m transgender. I felt like everything in my life was falling apart, and that I wasn’t worth much to anyone, or even myself. I wanted to hide from a lot of things and people, so I detached myself from everything around me. But my friend Angelo was trying to cheer me up with showing me new things to try and distract me from my problems, and he ended up showing me ONE OK ROCK. I thought they were just a cool band, but as soon as I started reading up on them, I became really really inspired.

I read about Toru being bullied when he was younger, Taka’s home and family problems, and the band’s difficulty with having to deal with Alex leaving, and tons of other struggles they’ve had. and at first I felt pity and kind of sympathetic, but I started looking up the translations to some of their lyrics, and everything kind of fit together (in my own interpretation of the words’ meanings lol). To me, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer is about sticking to your dreams no matter what opposition you find, Deeper Deeper is about living your life to its full potential, Riot!!! affirms that even if you’re surrounded by all these terrible things that you’re not alone… there’s so much more. I feel like my life was being played out in their songs, and every time I listened to them, Taka was screaming out my pain, Toru and Ryota was were head banging away the tears, and Tomoya was bashing out the negativity. they became my voice and they embodied a lot of what I was feeling and what I wanted to be. seeing them go through their own struggles, as a band and in their personal lives, really inspired me to take a stance against the adversity in MY own life, and to be honest, thinking about them stopped me from committing suicide on a lot of different occasions. I’m incredibly indebted to them for what they and their music has done for me, and I wanted to tell them that somehow. I couldn’t get the vip upgrade on time, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to tell them if I met them outside while I was in line, so I made a huge flag.

I was actually lucky enough to get to the very front row, right against the barricade, and I made a friend, Tim, who helped me hold the flag I made so they could see it completely (it’s like 3×4 feet long lol). They didn’t address me directly, but seeing Taka and Toru look at it and just knowing that even just one of them read it, it means the absolute world to me.

Q6: Considering that your first concert was the SF concert, can you tell me how it was; how did it went for you?

the concert was just amazing. actually, there are almost no words to describe how incredible it was! like the price for general admission was around $30, but i feel like i should have paid WAY more for what i experienced. i thought the best thing that would happen would be that i would see them clearly (which is hard in standing-room only concerts because i’m 4’10”), and that i would be in close enough range to throw the t-shirts i made for them on stage. but it was SO much more!! my sister and i got to the venue six hours before doors opened so we were one of the first people in line, but around two hours after, their bus actually pulled up right in front of the doors! i really couldn’t believe it. i really didn’t think it was them, but toru walked out and i almost started crying just looking at him. he and tomoya went in, and ryota a few minutes after, but tomo and ryota came back out almost immediately to help their crew unload their equipment. a girl i met in line, lina, pushed me to give them the shirts right then and there so that i wouldn’t have the risk of getting in trouble if i threw stuff at them on stage. i was super nervous and i didn’t think i was allowed to especially because i didn’t have vip tickets, but then toru came out and tomoya went back in, and i knew i shouldn’t wait any longer! i walked right up to toru and ryota from my place in line and said “Toru-sama! I made you a shirt!” and he looked really shocked that i used honorifics, and he said “oh yeah? thank you!” and i turned, “Ryota-sama, I made one for you too!” and he nodded and said “thank you!” and i ran back to my sister and cried lol. it was one of the most overwhelming moments in my life, my heart is racing just thinking about it. and taka came out of the bus like ten minutes later, and he was in more of a rush, but i managed to give him his shirt too (all the videos should be on my ig)! i couldn’t meet tomoya though but that experience really fueled me for the next four hours that we had to wait outside lol. as soon as we got in though, i ran as fast as possible and by bargaining with the few people in front of us, me and my sister managed to get in the very front row! it was like an actual dream. tomo walked out and everyone was screaming, and ryota came out and /I/ was screaming, and they started playing 3xxxv5. toru walked out when his part came on, and when taka came on stage the entire room was yelling impossibly loud. they played take me to the top, and i was kind of shocked because i’d never seen videos of them playing it live, but it was fun anyways. then they followed with cry out, which is my favorite off 35xxxv, and i’m pretty sure i pissed off the people next to me but i screamed out every single lyric at the top of my lungs. i had to switch halfway though because i instinctively sang the japanese version, and that’s when it hit me that they were probably just gonna do songs off 35xxxv in full english which kind of made me sad. but then they played decision and tyler came out (issues was headlining) and pumped everyone up, and after that was last dance; taka made eye contact with me while i was crying, which kinda made up for the lack of japanese haha. they played stuck in the middle and were super audience interactive, and i finally saw toru do one of his signature kicks in real life which was really incredible. the closed with mighty long fall, and i finally fulfilled the dream of doing the synchronized head bang with them and hundreds of other people in the crowd. the whole concert and the whole incident before it was so much more than i could have ever imagined. i was already in love with their recordings and didn’t think anything could be better, but seeing and hearing them live was probably the best concert experience i’ve ever had.

Q7: Watching them again soon?

in concert? probably not lol. as in near future, their shows in california are almost all over, and i can’t really go out of state to see them because of money and parents. but as soon as they’re back in sf, i’ll be sure to buy tickets and the vip too

Q8: Doing anything ONE OK ROCK related?

Well, I did an original song about them. Here it is:

Q9: Message to ONE OK ROCK?

i would thank them. thank them for saving me, and for saving thousands if not if not millions of other people in the world, and for being the voices of those who aren’t heard. they deserve to know how appreciated they are and what an impact they have on all of their fans. どうもありがとうございます! i love you guys so much!
(i’d also tell ryota to keep up his exercise routine because he’s doing a /great/ job) <:3 ================ Inspiring story we got one here. Just how much change can one band bring? I know I share the similar sentiments with Marty here. Let’s hear more of it shall we? One more from the United States before we move somewhere. Where are we going ONE OK ROCK fans? Hazard a guess! love


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