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We’re still in the US boys and girls and Mei is soaking all the love for ONE OK ROCK and Love for 10969. We’re currently going to pick up the pace now since we’re almost done with the backlogs but hopefully we’ll be able to keep this pace going after the 7th of July.

For today’s Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews or the ONE OK ROCK Fan Chronicles, we’re going to talk to my friend Shulin or Paikomango XD. She’s currently studying in the US but she’s really from China. Many of you guys would know her for one of the top photos that appeared on the first day of the 2016 North America Tour and well, I got in touched and here’s how our chat went XD


Q1. When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?

The date Mighty Long Fall’s MV came out in 2014

Did you immediately research about them after you saw that MV and heard the song? Or did it take you a while to get into their music?

Actually, it took a while.

Which song got you totally hooked?

Same song while I watched the movie (Mighty Long Fall)

Q2. Is Mighty Long Fall your favorite song from them or there is another?

Yes! Recently, my favorite song is ‘Decision’. I also like Deeper Deeper and Liar.

Why those songs?

The lyrics and the music. The lines “Stronger, its a wake up call. When the life’s ready to shine. It seems like gravity keeps pulling us back down. Stronger it’s a mighty long fall. You know time is up” really touched me. Everyone’s life is shiny, if you are strong enough you can fight everything. That’s encouraging me.

Q3. Do you collect their merchandise? If yes, which ones do you have so far and will you purchase more?

So many! Mostly I have CDs and DVDs. I also have some of the Japan tour goods and the American tour goods.

Q4. Who in ONE OK ROCK do you love the most and why him?

I love Ryota most and Toru, almost the same love! Only 0.3% lower than Ryota. Ryota is so cute in the live and so cool while in the show. He smiles like a child and he always has energy.

And the abs?

Hell yeah!

How about Toru? Why do you like him of equal level to Ryota?

He is so cool and the most handsome guy in the band. You may think he is the person who may not be easy to talk to, but in fact, he’s very kind and super nice! The other members are like kids and he looks like their parent.

Q5. Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life and how?

Actually no, but they make me believe more in my life. It’s my own life and I have to make it a beautiful one. They make me think that way.

Q6. When did you first see them live? Any details?

The first was in New York in 2015. That was my first year in the US and they came, so I told myself I can’t let that chance go. So I went and bought the VIP ticket, cost me 150 dollars. I was in the second line and the girl infront of me is shorter than me, so i guess that super close. I went to the concert and lined up at 10 am. Almost waited for 9 hours but it is worth it.

Here’s a good tip, if you want to have a good spot, you have to go there early! You can bring a camera in the US shows.

How was the meet and greet bit?

I was so nervous at the first time. I barely got to talk to them.

How was it though? The concert experience?

Super awesome and super tiring! 1hr and 30 minute show! All of them! I sang with them and jump with them! i had a really good time!

Q7. Got any memorable stuff you can remember in every ONE OK ROCK live you witnessed?

In San Francisco! After i took a pic with them, Toru winked to me!

Q8. When will you go watch them again?

Wednesday in Las Vegas. (Mei note, this interview was done in March when the Monster Tour was in progress)

Q9. Planning to watch them again in Japan?

American tour is better than Japan I think. Though, if you want to enjoy their live, go to their Japan tour. If you want to see them (get close to them and take photos), go to their US Tours. I’m planning to go to their Japan tour, may not have a chance to talk to them but their lives are awesome!

Q10. Message to ONE OK ROCK.

I’ll ask them. “May I have a hug?” Lol


Shu-chan, I still want that ice cream sandwich! You made me crave T_T Good luck in the studies!

Where will we go next week? Dunno, but I know it will be something!



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