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Hello world!!!

I’ve been places thanks to Love for 10969! Today, I’m taking you with me to Germany as we talk to Anna about her ONE OK ROCK love. She’s 18 years old and currently busy with her Abitur (according to Google it’s a final test at the end of their secondary education in Germany). I’ve been following her on Tumblr for quite sometime now and her site is a ONE OK ROCK haven! I regret not being able to do a live interview with her but considering time difference, this is better than nothing at all. So thank you, Anna and good luck on the final test you are studying for!


Meet Tumblr’ s shajichan !

Question 1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them? 

2012. Someone used Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer as background music for their TLOK AMV and I fell in love with the song immediately (thought it was an American band singing Japanese at first haha).

Question 2: What is your favorite ONE OK ROCK song and why?

Also Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. I love it so much because its melody and lyrics keep pushing me forward and give me so much motivation for whatever I do. Also because it’s been my first OOR song and kind of everything I am now is thanks to this band.

Question 3: Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have? If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?

I do! But it’s a little much to list, should I send you a picture? 😮

Anna has plenty of official merch on hand as mentioned!

Question 4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

Toru. I don’t really know why anymore tbh haha. I remember that in the beginning I was really appealed to his blonde hair now I think that I can relate a lot to his being etc because just like him I also always try to look good in pics but fail miserably. /DDDDD Also he’s so amazing irl, he’s the kind of person you immediately look at when they pass you by. He’s got that kind of atmosphere around him.

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

In any way possible, I would say. I met absolutely wonderful people because of this band and gained a lot of confidence through their music.

Question 6: Have you watched any of their live performances before? What were your expectations before the live and were they met?  Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?

Yes, I have. Been to 3 concerts. The first concert was in Bonn in 2013. It was their very first concert in Germany so I was quite nervous how they would react to a German crowd etc and I also was wondering whether they really were as good as they always sounded on YouTube. I wasn’t disappointed, really, they’re amazing live! Last year in December was the last time I saw them and even though I wasn’t a fan of the set list (mostly songs from 35xxxv) I still enjoyed the concert. Guess that’s because they’re brilliant at what they do. Interacting with the crowd, entertaining etc.

Before that concert I’ve also had the chance to take a selfie with Toru (my second one, took the first one in Munich 2014) and talk with Taka about OOR’s future and fans’ impressions about their music style changing etc. (I’ve written a report of that in case you’re interested? c:)

Question 7: Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again?

Only if it’s on a weekend and in reach. I don’t like their music to an extent anymore that makes me travel through my whole country. I’m currently really busy with school and if they come under the week there’s no possibility for me to go anyway.

Question 8:  What is your message for ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview?

Do what makes you happy, this is your life, your band and your decisions. But don’t forget where you’re from and what you became famous for. Don’t try to be like someone else, you can do better than that. Thank you for everything you’ve done until now, I know that you saved more people than you’re probably aware of! Ps: Taka get your beard + curls back. Toru, get back to blonde.


p. p. s. Taka-san, you look handsome as is. But we love you looking like that so please reconsider. おねがい!



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