Under Construction + The FORM!

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Yo yo yo!

Mei is here for another spankin announcement! Hahaha! We’re preparing up for some changes here in the website so please do not expect some new stuff here for this week! I will mostly be busy for the multilingual plug-ins I will install in the site so for anyone who wishes to view our site in their native languages, you will be able to read this site in your language! I thought of doing this to give you guys one extraordinary Love for 10969 for ONE OK ROCK fans wanting to hear the stories of their fellow fans about their ONE OK ROCK experience and fandom from various parts of the globe!

I am also considering of opening administrator duties here in the site for other countries so you guys can put new stories in your native languages. If you want to apply, just send me a notice and we will discuss things out.

The best thing, I think for this update, is this: http://goo.gl/forms/J7BKMbxLYtC2gFe02

This link will give you access to the very detailed answer form that will ask you your fan testimonials about ONE OK ROCK. As I want this place to grow like madness, we will be open in getting your answers in your native languages. We will try to translate them as much as we can and fix the grammar if necessary! Share the link and join the fun.

If you took part now, you will immediately get a chance for the October fun :)) I won’t say what it is but you will find out very soon! If you find errors in the site, please remember that we are under construction!



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