Franchesca & ONE OK ROCK eargasm

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Welcome to another Love for 10969 Manila edition! I came across @ayminchet on Twitter because my TList is overflowing with ONE OK ROCK posts. She followed me and I randomly asked permission if I could interview her. 🙂 Since her sched isn’t so full because it’s summer and she’s graduating already, she said OK. She got stuck to Q7 though… I don’t know why hihihi… By the time you guys read this, she’s probably out there looking for a job or preparing for board exam already. Wishing you lots of luck from hereon, Franchesca!

For now, let us read her ONE OK ROCK love story and her interesting journey towards Jan. 19, 2016.


Q1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them?

I watched the first RuroKen movie with my sister. During the end credits, our attention was caught by this really catchy and awesome song. At first we thought it was Linkin’ Park until we heard the Japanese parts. So I searched for it the moment I got home.

Q2: What is your favorite OOR song and why?

So many to choose from! The Beginning, Pierce, Smiling Down and Clock Strikes. The Beginning, since it is where it all started. Pierce is too emotional especially in the Yokohama Zankyo Reference concert. Smiling Down makes me remember my deceased sister. And Clock Strikes is my most favorite because of how much it interacts with the listeners/ audience and it gives me positivity whenever I hear it.

Q3: Do you collect their merch? If you haven’t started your collection, which ones do you plan to purchase first?

I don’t have any merch yet because I’m just a broke college student. Wait until I get a job and I’ll buy everything! Maybe I’ll start with their CDs then DVDs, shirts, then everything.<3

Q4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

Taka and Toru! Taka was the first one that I knew and since then I loved his clean, powerful and heartfelt voice. I love how jolly he is, his overall personality and his passion for music amazes me. Do I need to explain why Toru? Toru is like the shoujo manga protagonist brought to life– mysterious, serious, with deep toned voice, tall, handsome and cool who seldom smiles but will totally steal your heart!

Q5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

Their electrifying songs keep me awake when I need to pull an all nighter and if there’s a need to finish things. And if sometimes I feel angry, I’ll just sing the chorus of Memories and  feel better. In times that I feel down or sad, I listen to their songs and it gives me strength to move forward and face challenges of life.

Q6:  What is your reaction when you found out ONE OK ROCK will come to the Philippines on January? How was your journey to the 19th? Any expectations? What was your ticket story?

I was surprised when I heard about it. And because I’m literally a P.O.O.R. college student, I did everything to encourage my sister so that she will agree to buy tickets. I kept watching their MLF concert repeatedly on Youtube. I always sing along with it and showed it to my sister. When I attended a seminar in SMX last December 8, she finally gave me money to buy us Lower Box Tickets *Arigatou, Ate Kwinee-chan!*. I even got lost with my friend while we were looking for that ticket booth in MOA. I can remember my heart thumping while choosing a seat number. That’s how happy and excited I am that time!

Proud to be in Lower Box C 217

Q7: How was the concert?

How will I start? The concert was unforgettable! Btw, it was my first time to watch a concert. We’re in Lower Box C 217, and I’m telling you guys, it’s so worth it! I didn’t expect that my seat would be that good. I can still see all of them and their movements on the stage. And even with our distance, I was astonished by how appealing Toru is! *I keep on shouting “TORUUUUU!” the whole time* I kinda feel embarrassed to tell it but during the show, I can’t contain my overflowing excitement and happiness so I felt nauseated lots of times.  Especially when they played Clock Strikes ‘cause it is my fave, I sang the song loudly, then feel nauseated so I would calm myself down *inhale, exhale* the sing loudly again! *nothing can stop me from singing!* Hearing Heartache live was magical, it will make you remember the pain you’ve been through, that I just wanna sob in the corner of a room while listening to Taka.

I praise One Ok Rock’s musicality. They gave me “eargasm” during the whole concert. Taka’s voice is beyond great… is he even human? I wouldn’t forget his non-stop head banging during the chorus of “The Beginning” while not missing any note. How can he maintain his voice while jumping, dancing and moving in the stage? Ryota is such a cute-badass bassist! It’s really awesome to see him using his bass with red lights/ LEDs. Tomoya is amazing! I love how he looks so proud when he said “Mahal kita!” before going backstage.

The concert was like listening to their album with your earphones at maximum level with the highest amplified quality. It was the best and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Q8: Are you looking forward to Part 2? What are your expectations?

Yes of course! Hopefully I can afford VIP or get PR next time! And I’m expecting more effects, as grand as the MLF at Yokohama Arena with big screens and fires etc. And I really wanna see Taka play piano live with all the feels! They all should say Filipino words next time.

Q9: Any message to ONE OK ROCK?

First of all, Arigato Gozaimasu ONE OK ROCK! Thank you for letting us experience such an unforgettable night of our lives. Thank you for creating music that feeds our soul. Always take care of your health and have time to rest. We love you and we will always support!


I want to greet Franchesca a Happy Birthday! Or belated happy birthday… I hope you have/had a good one!



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