the tie-up

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Haha, yes, finally! This Mei has returned from wherever she may be and can now update. I do apologize for the lack of updates here in Love for 10969 but I assure you, we’re preparing for something massive.

And I guess I should drop one of the bombshells here now! Evil isn’t it?

For the past week, I have been in contact with the beautiful and ever talented Deirin (or to me, my good friend from Dubai and one of my first victims for Love for 10969’s First Wave, Rin) and the rest of the One Ok Rock Artworld crew; coming up with a brilliant collaboration in the process.

Starting this month or when the group has made the official selection and formal announcement, Love for 10969 will be working in joint partnership with One Ok Rock Artworld and will be featuring some of the works of fans and of the crew (if they decide to make some LOL) that will be submitted to the group as a curated blog entry. Full submission details for the fans who wish to be featured in the page will be announced in the official page of One Ok Rock Artworld at in the next coming days and here in Love for 10969.

I will also be opening a special submission form here in Love for 10969 since I’m actually part of the crew in OOR Artworld (As the notorious shadow king and according to Deirin, the raging ramen bowl Seishiro). Entries that will enter via Love for 10969 will appear in conjunction with those in OOR Artworld so you can be assured it will appear here and there. I am considering of adding new plugins in this place so you guys could also see the updates of that page. If you got ideas or suggestions on the fan works that should be posted or people we should feature, let me know!

Love for 10969’s stories will be back in full swing next week as I will finally be posting some of the ones I haven’t published yet *cough Japan posts*. The online form is still active so best get cracking! We got almost 30 entries. I’ll open up a Spanish, Japanese and Chinese version soon.



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