OOR love and support from Indonesia

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If I remember correctly (because I tend to forget lots of details), Arnik is one of the girls I messaged via IG (@arnikwidaryati) who actively regrams pics and clips of Toru. Turns out this 18 year old from Indonesia is a newbie OOR fan. Hers is quite a weird way of getting to know the boys. Let’s read on to know how she became one of the Indonesian girls who will always love and support ONE OK ROCK.


1. How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them?

When my friend Heni forced me to come to an event, a Japan Festival, in my town. At that moment, I didn’t like anything that smells “Japan”.

But somehow after hearing a song called “Heartache”, that was the first time I got interested to find out who sang the song. It turned out to be OOR. Since that moment my interest in their music increased. There was another friend who also liked OOR and recommended other songs and it was so, woowww amazing!!

I liked almost all of their songs. I want to say thanks to my friend Heni who led me to that Japan Festival that time. Through her, I got to know OOR and started loving things that smelled “Japan”. :  D

2. What is your favorite OOR song and why?

I like all of their songs. But the most touching is “Nobody’s Home”. The song was created by Taka, inspired by the divorce of his parents. In the song, I see a reflection of me. Everytime I hear the song, I always end up crying because similar things also hit my family.

In addition there’s “Be the light” which is also very touching.

Then “Wherever You Are“, which is so romantic.

Suddenly” and “Mighty Long Fall” are good enough for headbanging I think haha 😀 and their new single “Always Coming Back” I guess it’s also good.

Liar” is so wild and very burn every time to hear. And there are many more..

3. Do you collect their merch? If yes, which ones do you have?

Sure, I have a 2 OOR t-shirts. Just that because, I’m still newbie of this. But I will start to collect many things of them. One of them their albums.


Let us all meet Arnik from Indonesia!


4. Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?

Toru Yamashita 😀

I love him so much because the first time I saw a video concert of them on my PC, my eyes were immediately drawn to him. In addition, he’s handsome and he also has its own charisma while on the top of the stage. I love his gentle voice, so sexy I think 😀 and he looked so cool among the other members.

5. How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?

Not change too much, but I admit my taste in music grew stronger since I heard their songs. They inspire me through the messages conveyed in their songs.

6.Have you watched any of their live performances before? What were your expectations before the live and were they met? Did you have your close ONE OK ROCK encounter and how did it go?

I haven’t been to ant of their concerts because at that time I was too late to know them. OOR held their concert in Indonesia last 2013. Whereas I just started liking OOR in 2015.

7. Will you watch them live again and if yes, where do you want to watch them again?

I hope they will come back to Indonesia. If that happens I am not going to miss the opportunity to see them live in concert.

8. What is your message for ONE OK ROCK in case they get the chance to see this interview? 🙂

I wanna say

“Thank you so much for Toru-kun. If at that time Toru was not that persistent to stalk Taka and make Taka join and be the vocalist of his band, probably there will be no ONE OK ROCK. Big thanks to Leader-san, Toru because he lead and formed a very incredible band.

And the more important thing was because he saved Taka from the darkness of life.

Big thanks too for Ryota-Kun and Tomoya-kun. You are the best and take care of your health, pleasee 😀 I love you guys”


Thank you for the OOR Love, Arnik!



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