Advisory: Something Cool for 10969

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Well, Love for 10969 has been on pending and I am sorry about that fact. I am currently busy preparing some stuff for September and I know you guys know fully well that September is the big month for ONE OK ROCK fans!

Of course, September is also a special month for Love for 10969 and as such, we are preparing for it already thus some delays. Jillanie has already sent me the draft of that big announcement and I cannot wait for you guys to check it out. Its about… a question and a prize… hmmmm. If you guys saw me tweet about it a few weeks back, then you probably have a good idea as to what it is all about.

If you have friends who you want to join the fun, you better ask them to check out our forms and have them answer it. We’re going to have some fun next month and they have to be in it!

Love for 10969 stories will continue on the 1st of September. This Kami is a bit busy with things and we have at least 40 stories on pending.


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