Early Preps for the Test!

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Happpy happppy September!

This month is someone’s special month and there’s a lot to look forward to for this month! One of them is down below!

In light of the 1 year anniversary of Love for 10969 or Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews and Testimonials this coming October 15th and the 1 year anniversary since Amuse Asia has triggered this one’s psyche to do something completely out of this world, I am announcing that we will be having a contest! You heard me right! CONTEST!


Currently, we are sorting out how we can make the contest work without bias and all that, as well as deciding what to give away as the grand prize for this special event. If you want to help me pick as to what prizes you like to see in the contest, just comment on this entry or in the Facebook update or Twitter. Please do not ask me about TTRT as a prize because that would be veeeerrry difficult!

To help you guys get started because I already saw the drafted contest rules from Jillanie, its best you guys check out the form and fill it up, and follow us for the official start of the contest! If you do these two, I guarantee you are a step ahead in the competition ^^v The full details of the contest will be announced on October 15, 2016.

I am also announcing that I will be putting Love for 10969 on live hiatus as we will be replacing the layout of this place and to also work on the transfers necessary. I do have a little gift to this place and i do need to prepare for it!

New stories will appear next week as someone is indeed busy this month.


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