Welcome Cheers

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Hello everyone!

This is Mei speaking and I welcome you all in the new home of Love for 10969. I have been itching to give this place its very own domain for quite some time now and just in time too for the incoming first anniversary of the entire series did I end up working on it. We had to move from our old host as well due to some glitches, but I think its ok to move for such a growing series.

I have to admit we have been very busy for the past couple of weeks and I, if you guys did see my blog post, was in Japan to see the Nagisaen lives. But with this new home, we will be putting up everything imaginable for the anniversary cheers!

I won’t be putting up a new update till next week for the backlog but come October 15… you guys will be in for a treat XD Every post from the old site is all here so don’t worry to those included in the previous waves. We will be sorting out the ones in the forums and in our backlogs as well shortly.

See ya and to shock you soon!


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