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Hallo everyone,

This is Mei speaking. I do apologize for the delay! Nagisaen has returned to this writer’s poor soul and caused havoc in the schedule. Of course life had to add up to that.

Anyway, I had Jillanie sort out the ones in our Google Forms backlog so we can feature them here so here’s the first one in our list!


Name/Nickname: Rei
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Location: Germany
Social Media URL: @969_rei

Fans on ONE OK ROCK: First Stage
How did you get into this fandom?

When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
1 year ago

What song was it?

First impression you had about ONE OK ROCK?
At first annoying, then I started to love them, now I live them

From the time you first heard them to now, what is your favorite song from ONE OK ROCK and why?
Deeper Deeper due to personal reasons. The song means a whole lot for me

Did you start collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise since you first listened to them?

If yes, can you tell us what they are? *if you have photos, please put your image URL in the bottom of the answer)
Clothes, Drumsticks, Plecs

Where do you usually buy your merch?

Which ONE OK ROCK Member do you love the most?
Taka, Toru

Why him or them? If you picked two or more, you need to highlight why you like them.
Toru inspired me to play the guitar. Taka acts exactly like the woman I love.

How was your ONE OK ROCK live experience?

Have you watched them live?

If yes, where and when?
2016 Münster Germany

Can you tell us all about that live? First impressions, the experience, did you meet ONE OK ROCK up close in person? (If you have photos to include, please put the URL in the bottom of your answers)
I literally started crying. I couldn’t believe they were real and were here.

Where do you plan to watch them next?
Everywhere in Europe

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
Always coming back should be the last song

Opinions Corner!
We will ask you some opinions on usual trends on ONE OK ROCK now. 

What’s your current impression with how the band is going now?
Taka should take more care of his voice. Except that, the right direction

What’s your opinion about fans leaving the ONE OK ROCK fandom because of various factors? (Ex. the release of 35XXXV, tour scheds, collabs)
It’s stupid. Real fans support them no matter what

What do you wish for ONE OK ROCK to do next? (ex. music changes, collaborations, hair styles, etc).
Toru should keep his hair blonde. No more pink for Ryota. Collaboration with Linkin Park please!

The Most Important Questions
You shouldn’t miss these!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?

Why/Why not?
They influenced my whole personality in a positive way. They changed the way I see myself. They made us form a band, called Clock:Strikes

If ONE OK ROCK should find this response from our site, what would you like to tell them? You can tell them your individual messages to each one of them!

Toru. Stay the way you are, stay the silent type, stay calm and keep on rocking. You inspire me. You’re as calm as I am and still rock so much when in your own world.
Taka. I’d give anything to share a beer with you. You’re like my girlfriend personality wise, and I love you for that


If Taka does read this message, he’ll likely take a pint with you Rei!

We’ll be sending off the next one in a few! Bear with us! The ONE OK ROCK Announcement Montage is still beating us down! And, the contest for Love for 10969 is still on so best check it out!!!


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