All Eyes on Aira’s OOR Story!

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Its Mei once again doing the rundown of stories as we go close to the big draw! Real life tends to hamper our posting here but we’re getting by!

Anyway, with the rumor that our beloved vocalist announced in the recently concluded sold out Shanghai concert that an Asian tour will be on the works for next year, I think this is a perfect way to show how Asia is awaiting for their return.

Here below is the filled up form from Philippines’ Aira.


Tell Us About Yourself
Basics first so we know who you are!

Name/Nickname: Aira 姶良
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Philippines
Social Media URL: @ayeriee

Fans on ONE OK ROCK: First Stage
How did you get into this fandom?

When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
My brother used one of a song from ONE OK ROCK as his ringtone.

What song was it?
Never Let This Go

First impression you had about ONE OK ROCK?
My first favorite song was Heartache because it was, you know, the loveliest song you will ever heard from ONE OK ROCK if you are new to the fandom but then, when I simultaneously watch
their concert at Yokohama Stadium, and upon hearing the songs from Kanjou Effect, I declare that my favorite song, actually ‘songs’, are LIVING DOLLS and MY SWEET BABY. They are a
combination to me but if I choose between the two songs, Living Dolls first, and My Sweet Baby in second. I really love Living Dolls especially when they performed it on Yokohama
Stadium. Maybe because it has the involvement of my bias, Toru. He wrote some of the lyrics there that’s why !

Did you start collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise since you first listened to them?

Where do you usually buy your merch?
Local merch sellers

Which ONE OK ROCK Member do you love the most?

Okay, so, my first bias was Taka of course! Because he is the frontliner, the vocalist (which captures the heart of many OOR fangirls!) and the one who can speak and understand english
to the extent that he don’t need a translator. BUT! Again, because of their concert at Yokohama Stadium, I began to notice Toru. Because he’s so damn handsome. More handsome
than Taka, in my opinion. I love him the most because he is so dependable when ONE OK ROCK suffer from their most horrifying experience, he did not let the situation go to him.
Instead, he used it to overcome the challenge and inspire the other members to continue. I am woman who constantly fall for a guitarist, even if it is my schoolmate or else. I also love him
because he doesn’t have any tattoos despite the fact that he is smoking. I really love his voice especially on their EP days when he used to rap on their live shows! I love his eyes, his nose,
especially his lips and his jaws, his arms! Basically, I love everything about him! He is sweet and caring and handsome and cute and handsome, and handsome again ! Hahahaha !

Doing something inspired by ONE OK ROCK?

Doing anything fan related for ONE OK ROCK?

What kind of fan work are you doing?
Tweeting about how great ONE OK ROCK is on my twitter and reblogging some stuffs on my tumblr blog.

For fanpages, what is your URL? airaishi @ tumblr

How was your ONE OK ROCK live experience?

Have you watched them live?

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
They should perform older great songs I guess.

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
They should perform older great songs I guess.

Opinions Corner!
We will ask you some opinions on usual trends on ONE OK ROCK now.

What’s your current impression with how the band is going now?
They are aiming for International exposure which is good, the fandom will grow and they will be noticed even more.

What’s your opinion about fans leaving the ONE OK ROCK fandom because of various factors? (Ex. the release of 35XXXV, tour scheds, collabs)
I cannot blame them, If I were a 5-year old fan, I think I would do the same but who knows, I’m not even a year-old fan so I didn’t know what’s what. Japanese fans are the NUMBER ONE REASON why they have been recognized in Japan and later, internationally. Without the avid support of local fans in Japan, they wouldn’t be in their place. It is like planting some crops. When they were starting, they have planted seeds everywhere in Japan. When the time is right, they would go to the places where the crops have grown and harvest it. The cycle goes by. They were contented to the crops that they harvest. Until then, they realized they can plant more seeds outside the country and harvest even more! That is the time they decided to go outside. I don’t know if it is the whole group or it is Taka only, but they are aiming for new ‘fruits’ so they focused on planting ‘new seeds’ on other places. They were right on their decision, they’ve harvest even more than when they were in their country. Eventually, some crops that are planted in their country have been forgotten. I can also relate it to Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift debuted as a country performer and she was really great but when she released her album ‘The 1989’, which is a pop album, many fans were shocked from the transformation of her music. That was ONE OK ROCK also. Many OOR fans were really shocked from the transformation of their music. From Japanese rock, they’ve become american rock band when you here the tracks from 35XXXV, in my opinion. Maybe they should stop recording music abroad or under an american producer. JAPANESE rock bands produces good music when it is recorded on the native country under a native person who truly knows what Japanese rock music is! 35XXXV is not as great as Jinsei x Boku =, Zankyou Reference, Niche Syndrome and Kanjou Effect. In my taste, their album Jinsei x Boku = is the greatest as for now and I am waiting for the released of their next album. Let’s see if they have noticed that there were many fans leaving the fandom, or they just focused ahead and don’t care what is going on to their fans, because hey, we are just merely a fan. But without us, without the OOR fans and the whole fandom, they are nothing. Sorry for sounding like I hate them. It is the truth. Old fans are leaving. New fans are adding. The fandom became fucked up. Still, they are the best from the
rest ^^ No hate. Just an opinion.

What do you wish for ONE OK ROCK to do next? (ex. music changes, collaborations, hair styles, etc).
Collaborations with other Japanese artists, provide opening, OST and ending songs for anime, and a twitter for the four of them. Hahaha.

The Most Important Questions
You shouldn’t miss these!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?

Why/Why not?
I am an otaku since I was 5 I guess! I really love watching anime, listening to Japanese music and other sorts! Their songs have inspire me. Their music style regenerates my soul! Their
energy and charisma is like a disease, it was spreading all over!

If ONE OK ROCK should find this response from our site, what would you like to tell them? You can tell them your individual messages to each one of them!
Please come to Philippines as soon as possible! Filipinos want more of your music! TORU-kun ! Can we have a lot selfies? Hahaha. I love you!

Seems the boss really has a lot of fans in Asia. Hopefully they will return soon and if they do, we will welcome them and more to rival Nagisaen.

More stories heading your way next week!


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